10 Games That Satisfy Without Taking Up All Your Time

You can have a deep and satisfying gaming experience without having to spend 40 hours or more playing it. Here are 10 games that will satisfy without eating up all your spare time.

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Jackhass1272d ago

Great list. I'm actually starting to prefer short games.

Agent_00_Revan1272d ago

Me too. I get burned out on really long games. 12-15 hours is my sweet spot. Sometimes more. Like Mass Effect, 200 hours for the trilogy and I still want to play it over again and again.

But because I'm so stretched for time, a game like Shadows of Mordor took me close to 2 months for a 30 hour play through.

Magnagamer2221272d ago

If the experience is good, who cares about the length of time.

1272d ago
Kal-V31272d ago

Na Bro. Don't you know? I need more content for my purchasing dollar. I judge the value of something based solely on how much of it there is.

That's how i buy my games, make me run around like an idiot for 100+ hours and i'll give you 100+ dollars.

I need at least .65 cent\per hour dollar ratio to justify buying a game, cuz i'm a hardcore gamer.

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