Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X Leaked Videos Show Opening, 20 Minutes of Fantastic Gameplay

Japanese gamers are starting to get their hands on copies of Xenoblade Chronicles X, despite the fact that it won’t hit the shelves before the 29th.

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Activemessiah1322d ago

Nothing like a good ol' fashioned JRPG

Takwin1322d ago

Truly. Nothing like it. Nothing I look forward to more than an epic RPG.

mikeslemonade1322d ago

Should be a PS4 exclusive. Think of the potential!

Also old fashioned JRPG isn't an action rpg.

3-4-51322d ago

* I'm watching videos for this game.

Enough has been spoiled for me with the earlier ones, and I want to know the least amount possible going in.

* I have Xenoblade 3DS to hold me over until this releases.

Blasphemy1321d ago

graphics look impressive for a wii u title .

gameboy11321d ago

Looks impressive for any console ??

WiiUsauce1321d ago

Graphics look impressive, period.

Blasphemy1320d ago

i mean that, everyone always claims that the wii u is so weak and that ps3 and 360 are more powerful in some ways. no way 360 or ps3 could produce these graphics.

Highlife1322d ago

That's fantastic gameplay? I don't care for these type of games but thought I would give it a look. Yeah still gonna stay away. For those that like this type of game have fun.

FullmetalRoyale1322d ago

It's subjectively fantastic!

Summons751322d ago

Release it in the US! The wait is painful!

Raider691322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

I dont know if its the setting or maybe because my last two games played were Bloodborne and Dragon Age Inquisition but im more pump to be able to play this game Xenoblade C.X than Witcher 3;go guessing! Looks gorgeous and seems to run so smooth i need it.

_-EDMIX-_1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

"im more pump to be able to play this game Xenoblade C.X than Witcher 3" now we all got da lolz....

leemass241321d ago

the only "lolz" here is you're ever shortening bubbles and fanbaby attitude "lolz"

Drithe1322d ago

Am I the only one sick and tired of these 15 second commercial videos that pop on up this site?

EcoSos31322d ago

Thats why i use add block of course i don't use it everywhere, but because of adds like that its why i use it. Cant wait for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.