Is Konami In Crisis Mode?

One Hit Pixel: "You may have heard about the recent debacle surrounding legendary game developer Hideo Kojima. Konami are attempting to save face wherever possible, but trickles of information that may or may not be true are indicating that he no longer works for the company. Now it has been revealed, though not unexpectedly, that his other big name project – Silent Hills, has been cancelled."

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DarkOcelet3345d ago

Either Konami is trolling us and will give us one hell of a show at E3 or either they are going bankrupt or something. Something doesnt feel right about this whole thing.

SkirkRidgeEX3345d ago

There is that deep sense of foreboding isn't there?

morganfell3345d ago

More than foreboding. After seeing this there seems to be doom in the wings, and not the kind of Doom gamers like: http://i.imgur.com/3KUYHOE....

Flyingdog6703345d ago


Wow, that was actually scary to read lol. Like a government conspiracy. This all sucks tbh, With MGSV and Silent Hills in production, it seemed that Konami was on a good path. But once Kojima left, everything went to hell. It seems that MGSV will the last thing people know Konami for. I didn't really grow up with Konami games, i only got into the MGS games when two years ago when i was 16, but still. It sucks to see a once great company become what it is today.

NatureOfLogic_3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

@ morgan, Thanks for that link. It's crazy to think that Konami would be that greedy for short term mobile profits. The mobile gaming industry will become over-saturated in the future and all of these once great AAA companies like Konami will be so lost in the low quality rubbish that their name will no longer carry any weight in the gaming industry. They're choosing to live the fast life instead of thinking of long term stability.

I'll be happy once mgsv is released, then Kojima and company can leave Konami to dig their own grave. It's pathetic to watch as all of this unfolds.

avengers19783345d ago

I think they are going to be selling there company soon.

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Old_Prodigy3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

I hope it's just a long running April fools joke for the entirety of April, and on May 1st, they just troll the shit out of us. That's the only way the could pull themselves out of this shit hole. I patiently await May 1st, anything before or after that date is just a means to salvage the shit that their company will be.

Baka-akaB3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

They simply dont seem to care about gaming other than in mobile and mmo forms

persona4chie3345d ago

Keep calm and give us Boktai 4.

XXXL3345d ago

Goodbye Castlevania, my favorite series.

Blank3345d ago

Im depressed about Gradius.

Old_Prodigy3345d ago

Ah, that was a very satisfying jpeg, I didn't have to shrink or enlarge the photo at all. No resizing what so ever, thank you so much.

Skate-AK3345d ago

A jpeg like that needs to be seen in 1080p. That's why he did it.

Blank3345d ago

Well people im just going to say sadly they are doing okay in the slot machine industry...

OrangePowerz3345d ago

Well that's where they should put all their business and give the Silent Hill IP to it's creator and give Kojima the MGS IP.

Blank3345d ago

Thats in a perfect world im pretty cynical about this, I fear for the fate of their IP portfolio and what they will do with it.

Baka-akaB3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

the problem is that such kind of stupid companies would rather die than let go of IPs they no longer uses . This is a company that actually purchased Hudson properties without even actually using them in games .

They managed to even miss the fighting game craze and revival , despite owning the Bloody Roar IP , and despite having access to the creators of the games , the independant studios known as Eighting Co .

Said Eighting Co that is actually the labor force used to develop games like Tatsunoko and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for Capcom ...

OrangePowerz3345d ago

I have no doubt that that they would never give the IPs to their creators or even sell them to them.