The Witcher 3 Has Lots of Dark, Cynical Humor; New Gorgeous Screenshot Shared

According to CD Projekt RED (who also just shared a new screenshot), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is filled with humor of the dark, cynical kind.

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decrypt1268d ago

Lots of tease cant wait for the game. Witcher series has never dissapointed. I have had atleast 2 -3 play throughs on each of the releases so thats easily 50 - 150 hours of game play. Specially Witcher 2 came with 2 story lines.

Alexious1268d ago

Yeah, it's like Game of Thrones in videogames.

Dude4201267d ago

Except the Witcher books came before the Game of Thrones books and the first game released before the TV show first aired. So it would be the other way around. :)

Festano1268d ago

I can not wait to play it.

Aurenar1268d ago

This is my GOTY, I already know it

Sir_Simba1268d ago

I've watched many preview and now I'm even more excited. I honestly just wanna play it.

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