Daybreak (Formerly Sony Online) Celebrating Independence With Giveaways, Live Streams

Game Informer:
It’s been nearly three months since Sony Online Entertainment was sold off to investment firm Columbus Nova. In that time, the company has rebranded as Daybreak Game Company and is ready to celebrate its new independence.

This week, Daybreak has revealed its logo and a full slate of live streams featuring six of its titles.

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gangsta_red1361d ago

It's still amazing to me how Sony let go this whole division including all of their IP's which were very popular and well established.

freshslicepizza1360d ago

they are trying to trim costs and be more profitable which they have been as of late.

mkis0071360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

"Let go" isn't a good translation of "sold." It must have not been making money.

NecotheSergal1360d ago

SoE was a waste of money. Their IP's - while loved by a good many. Never really were able to pull revenue or profit I'd think. H1Z1, Everquest Landmark and Everquest Next were clearly projects that never hit off anywhere, I should know, I backed/Founded Landmark and years later, broken promises and it's still in beta.

Everquest and Planetside were their 'hits' and they don't really sell at all and are F2P models that don't do jack. They've been around so long it's just hard to think of Sony w/o SoE, but, they're no Naughty Dog.

travestyj1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

They were losing tons of money and haven't released anything in a while. I think in it's last year they lost $65 million and a lot more over the last several years. Also Sony plans on focusing more on Playstation than ever before.

ChronoJoe1360d ago

I wouldn't say they were that popular anymore. None of SOE's current titles are phenomenally successful. Games like DCUO and Everquest only have a small following.

Planetside 2 is the only thing that was a big deal in my opinion. The rest of the games, like Everquest, H1Z1, are generic enough that the IPs themselves weren't especially valuable.

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johndoe112111360d ago

"In that time, the company has rebranded as Daybreak Game Company and is ready to celebrate its new independence."

This "journalist" needs to look up the meaning of the word Independence. You don't get sold from one master to another master and call yourself independent.

kraenk121360d ago

It was a good decision by Sony to let them go. They were never up to standards anyway.

phoenixwake1359d ago

They should celebrate with actually making games that work. PS2 and Dragon's Prophet are an optimization punchline years after release.