DRIVECLUB | Preview of Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Evolution Studios shows a new video of the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 which arrives on the 29th April (US/EU) in 'Turbocharged' Expansion Pack.

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FreakOrama2461d ago

Neat! I like these kinds of cars. Also, nice turn on that last bit!

Crazyglues2461d ago

Yeah Car really looks badass...

WickedLester2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

need...more...tracks/locations !!!!

WickedLester2461d ago

LMAO @ the disagree! Wow! So somebody actually doesn't want more tracks/locations??

Indo2461d ago

Love the new Camero, the tail lights are on fleek with the 2015 Stingray. Love the 1996 Camaro tho, had the perfect shape, nose and back. Fucking miss my SS -.-

Paytaa2461d ago

Been thinking of selling my '06 Impala SS to get a 3rd or 4th gen Z28 Camaro. Great cars.

SoapShoes2461d ago

I have a 4th gen Firebird, wish more games had that car in it. The 4th gen FB looked so much better than the Camaro IMO.

xHeavYx2461d ago

I drive a black 91 Camaro Z28 and love it. Best looking Camaro after the 69 IMO.

Paytaa2461d ago

@SoapShoes The '69 Trans Am with the 400 Ram Air has been my dream car ever since I was small. Part of me died when GM closed down Pontiac. The Firebird/Trans Am always had the edge over the Camaro in my opinion when it came to aesthetics.

SoapShoes2461d ago

Yeah I agree, Firebird's always looked better to me in every gen. Especially the 4th gen though after '98. The bubble eyes on the Camaro didn't look that good...

Elit3Nick2461d ago

@SoapShoes Agreed, I didn't like the looks of the f-bodies, the camaro lacked an aggressive look and the firebird looked too batmobilesque for my taste, but to each their own, car culture is as varied as any other culture

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level 3602461d ago

Great drifting skills. Fab car.

I do envy gamers' who could easily do that.

I honestly couldn't sustain doing that ( drifting ) even with constant practice.

crazychris41242461d ago

Looks awesome. Hope the final 2 car packs are Classic muscle and Japanese.

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