Little Big Planet: Dark Knight Joker Meets Sackboy

Sev1512 of writes:

"This article is just for kicks. Today when Chris Rah Osiris and I were playing Little Big Planet with our friend from WhatIfGaming, I tried my hand at creating a Dark Knight Joker Sackboy.

How do you guys think it turned out?"

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Dark vader3797d ago

Everytime i see something about this game it get me more and more hype.

decapitator3797d ago

This is GOTY MATERIAL RIGHT HERE. man, this game wows me anytime I see it too bro.

ry-guy3797d ago

Not a bad attempt, looks neat.

smokeymicpot3797d ago

that is bad ass
why so serious

AngryBot3797d ago

PS3 games are different, innovative, unique, technically superior, pushing the boundaries, broad and varied, triple A quality and simply AMAZING!

NegativeCreep4273797d ago

Get the F' Out of Here. None of this concerns you!

CaptainHowdy3797d ago

baby Maniac wants a rattle....or a rifle?

peedie163797d ago

this games gonna be super fun

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The story is too old to be commented.