Atlus censoring upcoming RPG for western audiences

Destructoid:"While publishing our initial report on Dungeon Travelers 2, a PlayStation Vita role-playing game based on an erotic visual novel, I wondered what sort of concessions Atlus would have to make to localize such a game for western audiences. Now we know the answer."

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Yi-Long1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Censorship, in this case self-censorship, means an automatic NO BUY! from me, plus spreading the word about it's censorship on fora to inform others the product has been butchered.

rainslacker1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

The censorship is necessary to get the game a M rating as opposed to an AO rating. The problem isn't Atlus, but the ESRB, and most retail store's policies of not selling AO games.

I don't like censorship either, but if this game got an AO rating, it would not sell enough to be worth the time to localize it, which means we wouldn't have the game at all, so I don't think boycotting will fix anything.

A nice letter to the retailers or the ESRB would be much more effective, and not screw over those that actually want these games to get localized. We've already seen it doesn't take much for companies to forgo their localization practices, so no need to make it worse.

Going around spreading a hate this game campaign will not solve anything.

Germany71268d ago

Censorship it's awful, that's what you get with so many SJWs against gaming.

hkgamer1268d ago

or the people behind rating games. im pretty sure a lot of them gets bribed especially for movies.

G3n3raL861268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Geez, hope NISA won't get jealous of ATLUS and start censoring Another Episode... That or i'll sink into Despair...

Kal-V31268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

much more and better info here:

hkgamer1268d ago

i understand devs/publishers for wanting to avoid the ao ratings, what i dont understand is the ratings board itself. do they look at everytitle with a checklist?

south park stick of truth got an M rating. didnt that have nudity, sexual content. i remember stans dad got anal probed in that game( i played eu version so that got censored in a funny way)

Bimkoblerutso1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Honestly, unless said nudity / skimpy clothing includes minors, these games do NOT get slapped with AO ratings (or even M ratings, for that matter) from the ratings boards. There are plenty of Japanese games out there with women in skimpy clothing that got 'T' ratings from the US ratings board.

Most of the time it's just Atlus being needlessly preemptive with their American localizations.

rainslacker1267d ago

The content in question was actually more explicit than fan service.

And yes, the ratings board does go off a checklist. If there is a questionable item, they will ask the dev to provide the content in reviewable form. They don't sit there and play the game.

Truth is, many games are censored long before they hit the ESRB simply to meet the checklist. You just don't hear about it because it wasn't a localization, and it never made it to gold.

THe problem to me is more the retail stores that won't carry AO games. Seems to be a thing among all major game retailers. Even Amazon tucks them away in a hard to find section. I would prefer a new "pornographic" rating be made, and leave the AO there for retail games like this which are meant to be truly adult only and not at the whim of a parent.

hkgamer1267d ago

just wondering if they get esrb to do the rating and get a high rating such as ao, do they have to pay them again to do the rating again?

not living in the US, so dont reslly understand how the rating board works. does it mean anyone underthat age cant buy? can they still play it? i know with films in uk you cannot buy a movie for someone underage.

rainslacker1267d ago

Not sure. The games I've worked on never had to be reissued. I know the considerations of ratings are thought of during design and production, and that the rating will be known before submitting because it really is just a checklist of sorts. That's why Atlus is changing things now, because they know it would get rated as AO.

I know companies communicate with the ESRB during production, so I would imagine if there was something questionable, they would ask before submission.

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