The Horror Struggle: Silent Hills Was Too Good to Be True

Game Revolution: "I remember in the late 90's it felt like I was overwhelmed with great horror games. The original Silent Hill stands as one of the best of the genre and Resident Evil showed how horror can be infused with exciting action, There was also Clock Tower, Dino Crisis, System Shock, Alone in the Dark, and the Square's uniquely fantastic Parasite Eve. Each of these games were memorable, shaping high expectations for years to come."

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gangsta_red1272d ago

It would have been interesting to see exactly what would have came about for this game.

DarkOcelet1272d ago

Its not too good to be true, they just needed to add an incredible attention to details to make it the perfect horror game.

If it was like P.T. on a massive scale, it would have been the best horror game in the history.

P.T. was beautiful. Such a shame :(

Neonridr1272d ago

you might have to change your avatar as a result..

or keep it as an homage of what could have been.. :P

DarkOcelet1272d ago

I am a huge fan of Silent Hill so i guess i will keep it for a while. Or until my bubble rises to 9 :P

I usually change my pic when my bubble rises :)

Neonridr1272d ago

well +bubs for you then good sir.

MysticStrummer1272d ago

The game wasn't too good to be true, Konami is just too dumb to be believed. It won't surprise me at all if they go under before the end of this generation.


At the end of the day, Konami would have screwed it up some other way if it had moved forward. Hopefully someone else can continue this project spiritually.