FUNKTASTIC FUN - Elefunk coming to PSN TODAY

Hi everyone. I'm excited to tell you that Elefunk will be available for download on PSN later today.

I wanted to share the official trailer we produced so you can get a glimpse of all the fun you can have with this addictive Elefunky adventure.

Get ready to build! If you like puzzle games, you'll love Elefunk. In Elefunk, your task is to lead elephants across four continents and various treacherous levels of ravines, rivers, fire pits and swamps by building bridges and structures capable of supporting them. This game uses real world physics - you must carefully select the proper materials to build a solid structure that is able to hold crossing elephants over these outrageous terrains and precarious situations. Play in three game modes, including Puzzle, where you must build with a limited amount of materials;Time Attack, where you race against the clock; and Multiplayer 'Deconstruction' mode, where you have to carefully remove pieces without causing the structure to fall.

Check out the Elefunk demo later today on PSN, and pick up the full game for just $4.99. I'll see you on the Leaderboards!

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Silogon3747d ago

5 bucks!? I'm there. Awesome looking game, it reminds me of Lemmings, which is probably my favorite puzzle game, and at that price you can't go wrong.

Megaton3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Wow, only $5? Hard to say no to that when you've got cash on your account. Figured this one woulda been 10.

Baba19063747d ago

is it good the elefunk game?