PS4 Receives An Official Price Cut In The Middle East

GearNuke: "PlayStation 4 has received an official price cut in the Middle East."

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ShadowGhost1273d ago

If the PS4 received an official price cut in the Middle East, does this mean Sony will announce a price cut at E3 around the rest of the world? Like it doesn't really need it, but holy crap, sales will go through the roof even more!!!

Sarah_Ch1273d ago

Unfortunately nope, cuz the price after the cut is 415$ while we can get it for 400$ since launch day.

ShadowGhost1273d ago

That's because of the currency in the Middle East compared to the U.S. even though the console is still cheaper compared to that region, but that still doesn't rule out an E3 announcement for a price cut around the rest of the world.

sonarus1273d ago

I actually feel like a price cut is rather likely for E3. Microsoft might try to drop off another $50 from Xbox for Holiday season perhaps to coincide with Halo launch.

DemonChicken1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

You do realise that it's still cheaper in the US

From article:
KSA: 1,649 SR - 440 USD
UAE: 1,599 AED - 435 USD
Kuwait: 124.90 Dinar - 414 USD
Bahrain: 164.90 Dinar - 437 USD
Oman: 169 Riyal - 439 USD
Qatar: 1,599 Riyal - 439 USD

That's around 288 GBP (as amazon UK) - 404 EUR (390 EUR amazon de)

IMO great for middle east as they finally reached (or almost near) our prices a year later, in our eyes mostly insignificant as in our price range =/

DarkOcelet1273d ago

Its funny though that even though the Xone was more expensive out there, it was actually cheaper than the PS4 when it was first arrived in KSA.

I believe i saw its price was equivilant to 420$ at the time and the PS4 was 500$.

KnownAsEpic1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

But we dont pay tax here so it is cheaper than in the US.

neoandrew1273d ago

Those countries have lower average wage than us, so it is actually even more expensive than the price diffidence in USD...

But not all of them, in UAE it is at least 5000 usd minimum monthly.

SoapShoes1273d ago

Possibly, eBay has it for $349 right now. Plus the Batman bundle in June is $399 with a brand new $60 game.

theIndianNoob1273d ago

Middle East is like the only place on Earth where a price cut was not required....(ignorant comment)

q8kik1273d ago

In a sense i agree.
Because there's really no competition, it's all Sony's turf.

MajorAly1273d ago

I disagree as I'm from the Middle East and mostly people here game on Xbox.

Septic1273d ago


No way. Most KSA homies are Playstation nation.

q8kik1273d ago


Brother......some casuals will literally say "what's an xbox?" if you ask them about it.

Although admittedly, i'm talking about the GCC countries only (Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar) i know nothing about the rest of the middle east.

DarkOcelet1273d ago

Thats nice, i was in KSA last month and indeed it was 1800 and the Xone was 1700 at the time.

Great to see the price cut is that good.

reallyNow1273d ago

your avatar makes me sad

DarkOcelet1273d ago

My Avatar makes me sad :(

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