"Don't be afraid to set a base price that turns some people away"

Poppermost CEO gives advice on how to avoid becoming crowdfunding's next disaster

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GCO Gamer1323d ago

I have to agree.

I believe pricing in all phases of this industry is too high right now.

N0TaB0T1323d ago

A face you want to punch.

DarkOcelet1323d ago

If kickstarter was available in Egypt. A 200000$ would have been huge and we would make a good game.

The thing about games nowadays is that you dont need an inflated high budget for it to be successful, you just need it to make a buzz and then let the magic unfold itself. Just like Five Nights at freddy and the controversial title Hatred.

MegaRay1322d ago

Isnt kickstarter available to all?

DarkOcelet1322d ago

Unfortunately not in Egypt. Believe me, i tried it :(