Joystiq E3 hands-on: Halo Wars

After all this time, Joystiq finally got to touch Halo Wars and ... it was good. There's visual polishing to be done, but the user interface (UI) is as intuitive as developer Ensemble Studios has been hyping since (what feels like) the time of the Forerunners. This is an RTS game clearly made for a console first.

The UI is incredibly intuitive. Left analog moves the camera, right analog zooms, A selects, X is the move/attack button and Y activates special moves. If you've played other RTS games ported to the Xbox 360, this is a very different experience.

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aggh im on fire3798d ago

Im not normally a fan of strategy games but might give this a go.

Xi3798d ago

can't wait to play it, and take it online.

TheXgamerLive3798d ago

They've really connected the RTS to the Xbox 360 they way it should of been done. 10++++++