'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' is fast, frantic and adds a co-op campaign

Developer Treyarch has a good record of keeping things fresh in Call of Duty. The company started working on the franchise back in 2005. With World at War it added zombies; Black Ops went to Vietnam; Black Ops 2 traversed time and added branching narratives. For its next installment, Treyarch is, once again, trying something new. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (set to arrive November 6th on PC, Xbox One and PS4) brings campaign co-op back to the franchise. The entire campaign will be playable co-operatively by up to four players online (or two players locally). The addition of up to three campaign players meant building bigger combat arenas, better AI and adding social features for showing off medals and achievements.

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PhoenixUp1322d ago

This is one CoD I'd play of ot comes to PS3

Peace_Love_and_FPS1321d ago

It's not, in order to innovate you gotta leave the old tech behind unfortunately.

Fishy Fingers1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

First COD that's peeked my interest for a few years. Co-op and zombies could be a lot of fun. MP I'm sure will provide the usual thrills.

iistuii1322d ago

About time for coop. All games should be coop. Imagine the fun GTA coop campaign. Gears was my fav last gen game & that was awesome in coop.

Darkwatchman1321d ago

Every game should NOT be co-op. If a game is extremely heavy in atmosphere and/or is narrative driven and story is a major part of the experience and it is designed as a single player experience in mind, it can not work as a co-op game. Otherwise, it will be shoehorned in and won't work or will break illusion. Resistance 1 and 3 had full campaign co-op, but the second player controlled some character that would always disappear in cinematics and other characters didn't acknowledge because the character didn't exist. If story is majorly important to the game and isn't built as a co-op experience from the get go, it will break immersion. Also, I don't want every game to be co-op because every time I play a co-op game alone because I have no one to play with at the time, I just feel like I'm getting a lesser experience. Co-op works for some games and it doesn't work for others.

iistuii1321d ago

Options. I don't mean you have to play coop. If you want to play on your own, like in Gears you can, but to play along with friends is great. Uncharted , TLOU & even Killzone 3 were examples where the other characters are in the game along side you & doing nothing, mainly getting in the way,but could have been controlled by someone else. I don't mean shoehorning it in, of course it should be made from the start. Gears is my prime example, worked perfectly & was better for it.

Darkwatchman1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Umm no. In something like The Last of Us where part of what made the game so good was the interactions between the characters and the environment, co-op would kill it. I grew attached to Ellie because as I was playing, she would point to something or grab an object or sit down after getting into an argument with Joel, etc...her entire posture and mannerisms would change.....that kind of shit would be impossible to get across in co-op. It would absolutely negate part of what makes The Last of Us such a special experience.,

And Gears was better for it, but then compare the story of the Gears of War Trilogy to The Mass Effect Trilogy or The Last of Us or Shadow of The Colossus or the Metal Gear Solid franchise, or Alan Wake, etc...Gears of War has got nothing on any of those games story wise. Co-op really only helps benefit an experience in which story is not integral to the game. Story was not integral to Gears of War and it is NOWHERE NEAR the caliber of writing and emotion as so many real story driven games. Co-op works for some games and single player only works for others. Calm down, man. Let developers do what they want. The reason co-op worked in World at War was because the story wasn't important and wasn't engaging at all so it could have that relaxed co-op feel where character development and AI driven actions didn't matter

iistuii1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Calm down lol. I'm calm, & it looks like the developers of COD are calm also, coop here we come.
By the way my first comment read should be coop, I meant of course should include coop, option to play coop, just to clarify

Peace_Love_and_FPS1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )


First off, calm down, we get you like story driven narrative, but think, don't need paragraphs upon paragraphs to respond.

If we were playing TLOU and instead of just pressing triangle I choose one of several preset lines, and you respond, as we choose the path of the narrative. It could even determine where we go for example, through the hunter filled town or through the clicker infested sewer.

otherZinc1321d ago


You sound ridiculous. The Gears story is great; humorous language at times, serious camaraderie most of the time, & at times with Doms Wife dying in his arms, causing me to go into a curve stomping rage.

Halo, the undisputed king of Shooter Story is fantastic in Campaign Co-op! Or single player.

This addition in COD 3 will be amazing if it's done like Halo, Gears, & or Perfect Dark Zero.

I'm all in. I've always said Treyarch was the best COD developer, always.

Shineon1321d ago

Hopefully it's local coop on PC too because black ops 2 wasn't not even on zombies

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