Trade In Your Last Gen Console, Get $175 Towards an Xbox One

Major Nelson tweeted about a nice trade-in deal currently available at BestBuy in US.

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XboxDD1363d ago

If you have a last gen console laying somewhere around, do it.

magiciandude1363d ago

I would, except I have both 360 and One and still play on last gen from time to time.

darthv721363d ago

Fine print: Trade in any working Xbox 360 or PS3 console and receive a $75 coupon towards a Xbox One Console. Trade in a working Xbox 360 250GB or Sony Playstation 3 Slim and receive a minimum $100 gift card.

What I'd like to know is what will BB do with the systems that get traded in?

subtenko1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Gonna trade in my Sega Genesis, aka MY last gen console for an xbox one. Finally a good deal

Edit: dang, cant do it, nd I woulda gotten away with it too if it wasnt for that Meddling Nelson!

SilentNegotiator1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )


Dang it, I have the really old (launch) 360. For $175, I would have considered it; it would have been almost half off. For $75....nah.

Oh well, I still play GeOW, Crackdown, and Dead Rising 1 every once in a while.

mabreu1362d ago

I thought the Wii was considered "last gen." Would love to trade that in.

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Rimeskeem1363d ago

I have a first gen PS3 that works almost perfectly so i'm waiting to sell it for a lot more then 175$

darthv721363d ago

you would only get $75 for it anyway if you did this.

rainslacker1363d ago


The fully BC compatible PS3's are worth more than the newer ones if they work. As time goes on, and they become harder to find, they'll be worth a lot more than they are now. The only thing that may change that is if a new PS console comes out with full generational BC.

I have one. Will keep it because it's 3 consoles in one, and should it break, I'll repair it.

MCTJim1363d ago

you aint kiddin :D I may just take a plunge for another X1 as I have 3 360's that all work

gfk3421363d ago

Wow, you've bought 3 X360?! Could you tell me why?

OT: So after a price reduction to $350 not long ago, MS launches this promotion.

Not even 1,5 years have passed from the launch and the value of the X1 is less than $150 (deducting also the game bundled).

It is very clear that MS is trying very hard to sell their console.

Rockstar1363d ago

MS are in it to win it as they say...

But I've got some bad news for good 'ol MS

...It's too late.

darthv721363d ago

I have 4 360's that all work and they are the following models...
the original launch pro 20gb
the black elite 120gb
the halo 3 edition
the 360 slim 4gb w/250gb hdd installed.

i like collecting variants but that gen was crazy with so many to collect. i just went for what was attainable even though there is the star wars, gears of war, modern warfare and halo 4 editions.

Maybe i will get them if i find them cheap enough but i'm good with the ones i have now. i really only play the slim anyway. The others are just shelf pieces.

Kribwalker1362d ago

I have 3 360, 1 PS3 1 Wii, 2 Xbox ones and my original Nintendo. I have one Xbox one and 360 in my theatre room, one of each where my kids play and one 360 in my bedroom....maybe upgrade that now to a one

crazychris41241363d ago

Trade in 1 right now and get this deal. Then wait for a deal like this for the PS4 then just keep your best 360 for your favorite 360 games.

optimus1363d ago

I guess you fell asleep at the is a similar ps4 deal that was posted on n4g a few days ago.


XboxDD1362d ago

Wow, that's a lot? How did you get so many of them?

hello121363d ago

Deal is misleading!

Trade in any working Xbox 360 or PS3 console and receive a $75 coupon towards a Xbox One Console. Trade in a working Xbox 360 250GB or Sony Playstation 3 Slim and receive a minimum $100 gift card.

solidsnake2221363d ago

... Which translates to $175 towards an Xbox one...

optimus1363d ago

No it does not because you would actually need to trade in 2 consoles to get the $175 deal....

Gamestop had a similar deal a few weeks ago except you only needed 1 console.

gamertk4211363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

You get the coupon AND the gift card. The $175 is used for the Xbox One, as the coupon only works with purchase of an Xbox One. How are you not getting this? It comes directly from a high ranking Xbox employee. Why would you trade in a console for a coupon, when all Best Buy trades go on a gift card? SMH...

Dirtnapstor1363d ago

The deal is that you'll get $100 for the console. Then you'll get an additional voucher for $75 towards an Xbone. That's how you obtain the $175.

optimus1361d ago

Assuming you don't have a 250g 360 or ps3 slim you still need to trade in 2 consoles... "trade in ANY working xbox 360 or ps3 and receive $75 coupon. Trade in a working 250gb xbox 360 or ps3 slim and receive a minimum $100 gift card."

PhoenixUp1363d ago

I'll never give up my PS3!

micx1362d ago

Well, if youve got an extra :p

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