You Should Play This: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

Dating sim games aren’t a very popular genre in North America or Europe, but they are a huge phenomenon in Japan. They are known for containing certain elements and for most dating sims, those elements do not include steampunk mecha, magical monsters, or storylines filled with action, adventure, and emotional character development. Sakura Wars is not like most dating sim games.

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Stringerbell1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Not many people realize that at one point this was one of Sega premier series. Actually Sakura Wars 2 on the DC was the first game I actually imported and the fist thing I ever bought online. I feel old now=/

izumo_lee1363d ago

Kinda funny is that i still own this game on the PS2. It was a very unique experience with its 'dating sim' elements but underneath that aspect of the game lies an extremely top notch tactical JRPG.

I have to check my memory card but i think i spent over 70 hours on this game primarily due to the high replaybility of it. There is so many choices you can make like which girl to court, dialogue choices, endings & numerous other stuffs to keep u interested.

It came very late in the PS2 & Wii life cycle so it was probably missed by a lot of people. If you can find a copy I highly recommend it if you love the series or JRPGs in general.