David Hayter "Didn't Run Into Any of the Metal Gear Solid 5 Team" While Recording Republique Role

The former voice of Solid Snake and Big Boss in the Metal Gear Solid Series has stated through Twitter that he didn't "run into" any of the MGS5 team while recording voiceovers for Republique, even though teams for both games were recording simultaneously in the same studio.

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MegaRay1367d ago

They ran away when they see him? Dunno.

3-4-51367d ago

How is this news ?

* This just in Somebody in New York, didn't walk past somebody in California......more on the story at 11.

NecotheSergal1367d ago

I especially don't see the bloody point in asking him when it was based on speculation of a variable.

Hayter has been denying fans - whether or not any of the viral stuff is true since the very damn beginning, do they think that if they freaking ask Hayter himself that they'd get the answer they want to hear? Hell no. He's going to keep doing what he's been doing, denying any and all involvement.

Asking him such a stupid question is a waste of time. People just want to keep pressuring and nudging anyone involved with MGS5 or anyone they want involved with MGS5 to the point of borderline harassment. I love every theory that usually comes out of MGS5, being a HUGE fan myself, but the conspiracy theorists need to god damn lay off already. The 'conspiracies' and theories and that 'THIS MUST BE VIRAL/TRUE!' is everywhere. It's getting nuts. From the Head surgeon dude, Hayter and now people are stalking and asking questions to the dude who volunteered to the head transplant procedure about MGS5 and pestering him.

Lay off, tinfoil-hat MGS fans and just damn WAIT for the game to come out or more official information. We have hit the wall and will not find out more by bothering other people and taking their time constantly.

hkgamer1367d ago

can people stop this with all the hayter interrogation or whatever? if he is involved in the game he would not admit or maybe even lie about it. if he isnt then he is always reminded by fans that he is not playing the role of snake which he did for years.

hayter has been a great snake and even took a paycut(?) to get as many original staff back to do the twin snakes.

WizzroSupreme1367d ago

I can kinda figure. Hayter's Metal Gear Solid's biggest hater, lately. Wouldn't think he'd care to run into them anyway.

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