Silent Hills was too beautiful to live - but Konami should be terrified - Reactions roundtable


Bad news for horror fans over the weekend as we discover that Silent Hills has been caught in the crossfire between Konami and Kojima.

It's a damn shame too, because we (and gamers in general) were rather looking forward to this exciting collaboration. The three of us have put our heads together in an effort to process the situation -- so here's what we made of it.

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Blues Cowboy1270d ago

Konami, you should be terrified. Without MGS and SH you have... what? PES? Practically nothing of interest.

Good points, and I hope that Kojima enjoys whatever he ends up doing next. Maybe film? (being serious: he might experiment with another medium for a bit before setting down into gaming - just a feeling)

bggriffiths1270d ago

Poor Kojima, feel bad for the guy after all the effort he's put in at Konami. Maybe he'll take a week of for the first time in decades!

Will certainly be keeping an eye out for what he tries next. but yeah, maybe dipping into film or TV for a bit will let him experiment. Guessing we've had it for zone of the Enders 3 now too? Jesus, Konami, you've ballsed this right up.

Blues Cowboy1270d ago

"Guessing we've had it for zone of the Enders 3 now too?"

... I hadn't even thought about that.

Now I'm going to lie in a corner. I'm not crying. I just spilled some... tears... on my face.

Link2DaFutcha1270d ago

Don't mind me, I'm not crying, I've just been cutting onions. I'm making a lasagna.... for one :(

Blues Cowboy1270d ago

@Link2DaFutcha: Haha, my eyes are just a little sweaty today!

Ratty1270d ago

Actually, Konami still has MGS and Silent Hill. That's what worries me at the moment.

Revolver_X_1270d ago

My sentiments exactly. I'm more worried about MGS after 5. SH, on the other hand, has been quite under par for many years. Another SH with no soul incoming.

pompombrum1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Yup, what other Western series do they have other than PES? Strange really considering they must have invested fairly heavily in creating the fox engine and they don't even have anything else in the works to use it as far as we know.

Such a shame, Konami along with Square are the two main reasons why I got so heavily in Japanese developers and helped kickstart an interest that's going 15 years strong. Seems like forever since they were releasing quality games like Vandal Hearts and Suikoden.

oIITSBIIo1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Castlevania, Suikoden.

Hassassin1270d ago

Castlevania LOS 1 was great. Shame LOS 2 bombed.
Konami probably won't be doing anything with the IP for a while.

PD: Mirror of Fate was not half bad.

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pecorre1270d ago

Well, it looks like MGS V will be the last Konami game I ever buy. I used to buy Kojima games and Silent Hill (when the series was good). Now, there's nothing left.

Ethereal1270d ago

Sadly, I am in the same boat and I am a HUGE MGS fan. Looks like V will be it for me.

Ratty1270d ago

Same. I'll still buy Kojima's games wherever he ends up.

xwilldemise1270d ago

So dissapointing ._. Seriously though, someone should kickstart this game to possibly fund Kojima into completing this game possibly with a different name? Oh who am I kidding? Developing a game costs millions! I guess a part of me wishes this game didn't get canceled & a part of me would donate a few bucks just to see it finished =\

Ratty1270d ago

They could do it with a smaller budget. Maybe Kojima will still do it under another name. PT didn't borrow anything from Silent Hill and neither did the other teaser video.

darkvenom1270d ago

Konami digging their own grave, without Hideo Kojima they are nothing, I will no longer buy anything from them after the phantom pain.

Benjammin251270d ago

I predict Konami will go bankrupt in the next few years. They simply don't have anything else now. How did they screw up Silent Hills? It had the best marketing campaign ever and Kojima and del toro was working on it. It was basically a license to print money. This has to be one of the most disappointing moments in the history of gaming.

dcj05241270d ago

Time to whip out the DDR and football

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