Mad Max - New Details on Cars, Survival Elements and More

OnlySP: We were a tad worried about the upcoming Mad Max game from Avalanche Studios last year, but now that they’ve finally revealed it, we couldn’t be any more excited for it.

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tinynuggins1323d ago

This game went from the bottom of my list to the top after the gameplay trailer last week. I've been waiting for a game like this since I finished Shadows of Mordor.

PockyKing1323d ago

I was legitimately surprised by how good the game looks. The Wasteland looks absolutely incredible, and based on how big the open worlds are in Avalanche Studios' games, it looks incredibly interesting to explore. The gameplay looks super fun as well. Can't wait to see what Just Cause 3 looks like tomorrow.

TeamLeaptrade1323d ago

I had high hopes for it to begin with, but after seeing the trailer last week I got more hyped for it. Can't wait to finally play it.

Revolver_X_1323d ago

I'm with you. Im along time Mad Max fan, and Im hoping this game is a hugh success to influence a series. I'm only concerned about a hugh "empty" world. I'm not familiar with the Just Cause series, so I don't know Avalanche's pedigree. I'm just hoping that there's a lot of content in this gorgeous apocalyptic world they have created.

WizzroSupreme1323d ago

This is this year's Shadow of Mordor, definitely.

EstSince88Gamerdude1323d ago

I agree, this could be a sleeper hit and I hope it is.

It seems the more the hype for a game these days the more disappointing the game upon release.

Like S0M they were quietly confident and it turned out thier confidence was justified as it played perfectly,so I've got a suspicion this could be the same. I hope it sparks new interest in a cult classic and one of my favourite series of movie's.