New Hellblade video shows off a unique approach to performance capture

Ninja Theory offers an update on its forthcoming PS4 fantasy adventure.

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DanielGearSolid1274d ago

That was cool

Seems like they're saving alot of money on mo-cap

Grap1273d ago

That's Project management at it's finest, As Software Engineering Student i really admire them.

nix1273d ago


What they had done for the Heavenly Sword was just amazing for that time. Sadly, the game was "short" for the reviewers.

I bought the game nevertheless.

As much as I'm excited by the tech, I'm worried about the character design. If it's not as good as Heavenly Sword, then it will never ininterest me to buy the game.

Let's hope for the best.

NecotheSergal1273d ago

@nix - It's amazing how 'amazing' games that simply are short get shoehorned as if they're garbage, Heavenly Sword and The Order both is like history repeating itself, just Heavenly Sword was a slasher, The Order a shooter, both were visually stunning for the time of release.

Razputin1273d ago

@Nix, if it funny how you mentioned the reviewers finding it short.

Don't know what your personal opinion but Heavenly Sword was an all around amazing game, and clocking in at around 5-6 hours, it should be remastered now since that is pretty much the average nowadays for games.

I'm sure many who never played it especially at launch like I did, will find it even more amazing.

rainslacker1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I know personally I've gotten more than 5-6 hours out of HS. I've played the game 10-11 times since it came out. It has style, great character design, a strong hack n' slash game play mechanic, great acting performances, and a good story. It still looks great today despite being a first year title, and looks better than some late gen titles that get released.

It's a bargain bin game nowadays. Anyone who still has a PS3, and hasn't played it, should definitely pick it up. They won't be disappointed.

Hellblade will be a day one buy for me, even if it is digital(i dislike digital), because it's so obviously meant to be HS2. It's along the same lines as how Xenosaga wasn't an actual prequel to Xenogears...but we all knew it was.

bouzebbal1273d ago

this is a game to watch very closely!
might end up being a very good surprise.
i want gameplay of this at e3.

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Brotard1273d ago

They got Andy serkis!! That's exciting!!

ValKilmer1274d ago

This game is really shaping up. I was a huge fan of DmC and I can't wait to see what Ninja Theory brings to the PS4.

DarkOcelet1274d ago

So is this game coming to the Xone or what? Because it looks like PC and PS4 are the only two platforms available.

Zizi1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

No, it's not going to be available on XOne. PS4 and PC.

Dudebro901274d ago

It'll come in time just like every other independently published game.

slappy5081274d ago

They have a small team so they don't have the resources to make for all platforms. So it is possible for them to work on an Xbox version after they've done the Ps4 PC versions

trywizardo1274d ago

timed exclusive , just like tombraider

NeverHeavyMan1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

As of now, no. It's PS4 first, then PC just after. The team discussed this when it was first unveiled, stating that they didn't have the resources to do that many platforms and that Sony shares their vision.

To me, that translates to the PS4 rockin' house and the PC being of no consequence to that. I expect many more of these partnerships, as the PS4 continues to dominate.

krypt19831273d ago

yes it will be coming to xb1 around 6 months to a year after release...

G20WLY1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

^@Krypt, would you care to share a link to that announcement..?

_-EDMIX-_1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Not sure about the disagrees as its valid question. The game is being self published as to why its only on PS4 and PC.

I'm not sure about MS polices if they effect this title or not. Sony isn't funding nor publishing this title so I wouldn't see why not other then one of MS polices. But I see this game likely coming to XONE later on after initial release, but they haven't confirmed anything yet.

Folks need to remember they are also a small team.

I really don't get the disagrees because no one seems to have a logical reason on why not. The game is self published and the IP is owned by the team and the team has never said it was only coming to PS4 as its also coming to PC.

Unless stated otherwise, its likely coming to XONE later down the line.

@NeverHeavy- that doesn't really answer if a XONE version will come down the line or not, merely that they can't make it day and date. That doesn't rule out that it could be ported later on.

I'm sorry but nothing concrete says this won't be on XONE ever... merely that it won't be day and date. Sony sharing their "vision" doesn't really rule out a port, it just doesn't make sense.

How many time have we heard the same about a XONE timed game? Not to say that this is timed, merely that never just take what a team is saying so literally.

Ken Levine told us that Bioshock wouldn't be on PS3, Capcom told us that Dead Rising 3 was NEVER coming to PC, Rockstar stated many times no PC version was going to be made....I mean this isn't the first time a team has withheld information that is likely 100% known to the team. They likely need funding for a XONE version from the PS4 and PC version thus can't just out right state a XONE version can or will be made after the fact.

mikeslemonade1273d ago

MS can easily fund the development of this game if they wanted to. I'm thinking it will come to X1. I hope it stays exclusive.

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Ridiick1273d ago

Same here, additionally the concept of indie+high quality is an interested approach.

NeverHeavyMan1273d ago


There's nothing else that needs elaborating. Until the team actually discusses an X1 version, which they have not, then it isn't coming to the system. No hidden messages, here.

JMaine5181274d ago

I can't wait for this game. I thought they did great work on Heavenly Sword and DmC. Hopefully this comes out this year.

Syntax-Error1273d ago

Enslaved was an amazing game! Still hoping for a sequel. Love how they reuse the same cast keeping good actors employed

JMaine5181273d ago

I never got a chance to play Enslaved. I think I'll give it a try.

ArchangelMike1274d ago

Wait - is it confirmd that this game is console esclusive now. I always though it was a timed exclusive.

colonel1791274d ago

I want to marry the blonde girl doing the performance capture

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