Can Black Ops 3 fix Call Of Duty's biggest flaw?

Dealspwn: "Call Of Duty: Black Ops III broke cover over the weekend, as I'm sure you know. The hype train is already rolling in advance of its November 6th launch following the reveal trailer, news of a beta and loads of leaked intel about what Treyarch's third game plans to bring to the table.

To be frank, we're really rather excited.

Professional detachment and Treyarch's past form aside, Black Ops III is making some very encouraging noises and seems dead-set on fixing the biggest emergent problem with the series so far."

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bggriffiths1296d ago

I'm so all over this. Already heard some people moaning about another futuristic COD blah blah. But come on, if you don't think this looks fun, you may have been neutered in your sleep. Go on, have a look down there and check.

That said, I wouldn't mind a new WWII title. Glad to see Gerneristan has bit the dust though.

Blues Cowboy1296d ago

Yeah, not only does it sound fun but it also sounds like a true step forward while fixing that issue.

pompombrum1296d ago

Looked more "cool" than fun to me personally. Most of the cool stuff they shown just made me think "wow that's going to piss me off in MP" though sadly.

Still, it's Treyarch which is the only reason I'm even interested in it. They'll make a great game, they always do.

Matt6661295d ago

I havnt been neutered but it just looks like every other COD to be honest.

TheCommentator1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

COD's biggest flaw is releasing every year, so no.

Edit: It's also Treyarch's 4th game.

Blues Cowboy1296d ago

Not convinced that releasing every year is necessarily an issue. There were definitely diminishing returns as far as MW3 and Ghosts are concerned though.

BattleReach1296d ago


Call of Duty 3
World at War
Black Ops
Black Ops II
Black Ops III

Adexus1296d ago

Didn't they develop The Big Red One (lol) as well?

TheCommentator1296d ago

God. I forgot about 3. Anything before Modern Warfare is garbage anyways though.

DivoJones1296d ago

I bet if they removed noob tubes, there'd be a considerable uptick in multiplayer numbers. Or maybe have it be a kill streak for a grenade launcher with a few rounds.

Unreal011296d ago

Noob tubes were only really overpowered in Modern Warfare 1&2. They're really a non-issue now.

Trekster_Gamer1296d ago

Sales each year show how moronic your statement truly is.
It comes down to Money and COD makes a crapload each year from we the people who play it.

TheCommentator1296d ago

Sales have been on a decline since Black Ops 1. The horse is beaten, but not quite dead.

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HaleHankock1296d ago

How is single player the biggest issue?! After max prestiging every year I finally gave up on the series with AW because post MW3 the multiplayer lag was terrible and they failed to address it

wakeNbake1296d ago

The biggest issue for me is the outdated engine with its shoddy hit detection, and average visuals.

Blues Cowboy1296d ago

Yeah, it would be nice to see a move to a completely new engine. Surely Activision has the wedge.

Errefus1296d ago

meh bring back the blops 2 multiplayer and im happy with that, hate the big maps

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