Best way to earn blood echoes quickly in Bloodborne during late game

The best way to earn blood echoes quickly during the later parts of Bloodborne.

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Toon_Link1362d ago

I like to run the first floor of any depth 5 chalice.

knickstr1362d ago

Yep, like 5k blood echoes for a basic enemy. That adds up quick.

Viryu1362d ago

It's a rather slow way. If you have the frenzy res and sedatives, go for the 3 Mother Brain thingies.

Tapani1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Base camp lamp in Nightmare has three giants next to it, and you can push them all off the edge, they give you like 60000+ echoes with three Moon runes. Now with the quicker load times, that's around 120 000 echoes in around 2 minutes.

Edit: You can do it in one minute per round. I just tested it. (ooh I'm supposed to be busy!)

SULTAN_41362d ago

can you please post a youtube link for its place ?

I really want to try it

Tapani1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Here you go!

From around 07:10 it shows the three white giants, and the lamp at Mergo's Loft: Base

I should mention, it was on NG+, but I used it to gain souls in NG as well. I'm sure there are better methods, it's just something that I did...

EDIT: Sorry 07:10.

Mister_G1362d ago

I forgot you could stack runes, thanks! Will try it later.

Seraphim1362d ago

do we really need a an article about how to farm blood echoes in Bloodborne? Time and time again I've found plenty of excellent spots to stash up, lvl up and hit again. There's really no shortage of great spots to farm solid amounts of Echoes.

DivineAssault 1362d ago

I go through every area at least twice.. My 1st run i go back & level up, then i go for the boss.. Im on new game plus now though because i didnt use a guide but this time im going to find all that i can to get the true ending

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