1UP: Flower Preview

Jenova Chen, the game's creative director, assures 1UP that Flower is not a sequel to flOw, it does maintain flOw's simple Sixaxis-driven control scheme. Tilting the controller controls the direction of the flower petals or of the wind -- Chen says he doesn't care which way players prefer to imagine it. The goal of the game is to send your petals colliding into other flowers in the field, which releases new petals and unlocks new flowers. Activate enough flowers, and you pass the level, which in turns unlocks new levels in the apartment building hub world.

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malingenie3749d ago

This developer's games are the only ones who don't make me cringe when hearing motion controls. Kudos, and cnat wait to get this baby.

Megaton3749d ago

Agreed. These guys are some of the very few who do SixAxis controls right.

MAiKU3749d ago


It's not one of those things for hard-core gamers... yet it's not really casual at all either. It's like an artistic and soothing experience that you just gotta have. Such a game is only possible from the creators of fl0w for the ps3.

Kylen083749d ago

wow, his name is Jenova. How cool aint that?