Metal Gear Solid 5: Quiet's VA On The Character's Attire, Relation With Big Boss And Dark Themes

The voice of Quiet, Stefanie Joosten on her role in The Phantom Pain.

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DarkOcelet1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

LOL! The beginning of this video is hilarious.

And Stefanie Joosten is really beautiful.

gameseveryday1270d ago

It's not all about beauty. In the interview she says that Quiet is a tough character and her rapport with Big Boss will evolve according to player's actions.

DarkOcelet1270d ago

I am just saying she looks very beautiful in real life.

And i know Quiet will be badass. I will probably take her in every mission since i usually play as a Sniper. So two snipers will be awesome.

Hopefully they give her Tranquilizers ammo.

Gatsu1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Good interview :), and lol Yong nice skills :D. With all the sad news about SH and stuff going around, this interview cheered me up :).

aquaticDonut1269d ago

As someone who has never been the biggest fan of MGS except for the first one, MGS 5 looks pretty freaking amazing.