Top 10 N64 Games We Want to See on the Wii U Virtual Console

COG writes - The N64 has a wealth of games and we take some time to pick the top 10 games that we thought should make an appearance on the WIi U’s virtual console. We admit it though, it wasn’t an easy task.

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MilkMan1360d ago

What I want to know is, where can I petition a game for WiiU (or maybe 3DS).
Id love to see another My Life As King, and Little King Story Redux,
I've been waiting for ever for this and NOTHING!
I don't own a Vita so I cant play Little King Story re-make.

desolationstorm1360d ago

Thank you for recognizing Ogre Battle.

Xof1360d ago

That's probably the only N64 game o really want to see on the VC.

Most of the games I really want to see are SNES and GBA.

1360d ago
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