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JoGam1269d ago

SMH, Next time don't get us all hype.

Naga1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Sounds like Silent Hills just got a lot quieter.

Blastoise1269d ago

"Sounds like Silent Hill just got a lot quieter."

DragonKnight1269d ago

As Jim Sterling just said in his latest video...

"Konami are a bunch of petty fools who don't know how to business."

Naga1269d ago

@ Blastoise

Thank you. That response made my day.

Helps make up for sad news like this.

Snookies121269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Kojima and Guillermo need to remain teamed up, go elsewhere and make the same game. Just rename it Quiet Slopes, lol. Boom, problem solved.

subtenko1269d ago

FOOCCCCCK!!!!! Thats it.....we RIOT! In a way they killed Daryl, so there's millions of us. Someone pick this project up or create it with the same vision, pleasssse. Sony sick one of your studios on this!

Kingthrash3601269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

The best demo ever created. ...what looked like was going to be the scariest game ever created.
What looked like would set the bar for horror games...gone. not delayed. Not halted. Canceled.
I wonder what really happend between kojima and konami. Has to be something we don't know. I reserve a little hope that kojima is up to something. ...that he will surprise us all at e3 and say "got ya!" And shows a new trailer. Dear god let that happen. I used that demo to show off my ps4. Literally turned it on gave them the controller turned off the lights, sat back and watched them play and get too spooked to continue after she pops up behind them. Man not many games can bring such an atmosphere that even the people who are just watching are spooked. Smh such a huge loss for gaming.

darren_poolies1269d ago

This is so sad, I'm so pissed at Konami. That being said, I'd love to see a Hidetaka Miyazaki Silent Hill game.

LordMaim1269d ago

Really. I don't know how this is a smart decision on Konami's part. Considering all the positive reactions and widespread coverage P.T. got, it was sure to generate huge sales.

I don't understand how cancelling the game entirely is a better choice than just removing Kojima from the project and proceeding without him, unless for some reason there was a contractual agreement that prevented Konami from making Silent Hills without Kojima. Some kind of licensing issues with the Fox Engine, maybe? Just spitballing, because just cancelling the game because one man is leaving is senseless on the face of it, even if that man is Hideo Kojima.

Blurmobjet1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Just had to rip this off another post cause DAMN KONAMI IT FITS!

Thanks Rimeskeem!

Gaming1011268d ago

This is like when your favourite band breaks up. You throw your hands up in frustration and scream "Why can't those idiots just put their massive egos aside and make something great for the fans, and get paid tons of money?"

But nope, too many dumb businessmen at Konami who have their heads up their asses, which is why Konami only has 2 successful franchises that anyone actually cares about - Silent Hill and at the top of the heap, Metal Gear Solid... both of which are dead because they couldn't get their act together, and couldn't do business without their egos getting in the way.

I mean lets be real, that's all this is is ego's. Kojima didn't get fired for stealing office supplies or some dumb reason, he saw to make his games and run things his way, and Konami execs who don't know shit saw to run things their way. Konami execs couldn't tie Kojima's shoes and here they are trying to throw their weight around. Kojima probably insulted them saying "If it weren't for me and MGS, you would all be serving me Ramen noodles at the corner store", and he's right! Konami doesn't have a thing going for it, especially now.

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yellowgerbil1269d ago

Hopefully wherever Kojima ends up he can take his ideas for Silent Hills and reporpose them into something completely new, like PT but much longer.
I really hope Sony picks Kojima up and gives him his own dev team and Japan Studios

pivotplease1269d ago

Konami may as well file for bankruptcy right now because they have nothing going for them now. Can't believe their pride let them stoop to this level...or maybe it was stupidity. They are literally throwing millions of dollars out the window over their beef with Kojima.

3-4-51268d ago

* I don't know anything about Purses or lipstick.....Should I be in charge of a purse or lipstick company ?


* Then why are people who don't know anything about Video Games, in charge of so many Video Game companies ?

Makes no sense.....

So much ego..

So much arrogance.

rainslacker1268d ago

Because investors care more about people who can make make money. Nowadays there is more money and less risk in places outside the hardcore market, and investors prefer making more money from there than making a decent amount of money from the more expensive AAA market.

These CEO's may be great businessmen, but their goal is on the bottom line, not on providing great games.

Retard1268d ago

Death of one of the great lines; it's like witnessing Ned Stark in Kings Landing once more for me.

P.T. Did something great, and I guess remarkable to a fault.

Muzikguy1268d ago

This is the worst thing I've heard all week! Glad it's only Monday :)

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LordMaim1269d ago

Just to get out in front of this, there's now been an official statement made by Konami about the status of Silent Hills, not just a rumor.

I for one am very disappointed. P.T. was incredibly atmospheric, something Silent Hill hadn't been in a while, and I was quite excited to see what a full game would be like.

Benjammin251269d ago

Konami are idiots and they fully deserve to feel the repercussions that will come with this decision. Hope you enjoy the nice payday you get in September Konami. It's the last one you'll be seeing.

Snookies121269d ago

Yep, there was no way it wasn't cancelled after losing Kojima and Guillermo... They were the very heart and soul of the project. If it had continued, I'd have had no interest in it anyway. Konami has screwed themselves royally this time. No longer interested in any of their franchises.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1269d ago

This is the single worst business decision of this console generation. Why would you cancel a game that has generated international buzz? For the past few months, ever since the fallout with Kojima there was one question floating around in the minds of people who have experienced the most incredible demo/teaser ever made, "What about Silent Hills?" and now Konami has pulled the plug on their single greatest draw since Metal Gear Solid V was introduced. Horrible business people. It's like they want to become irrelevant.

rawrock1269d ago

Konami is a big compamny where games are just a part of what they do. They may be cutting back on their games division. Sad, cause PT was great.

spacedelete1269d ago

they should stop making games now because they are officially irrelevant. MGS was the money maker for them, Silent Hills was finally getting the franchise back on track and they cancel it but hey don't have any other relevant games. i think they should leave the games industry altogether and focus on their stupid fitness crap.

_-EDMIX-_1268d ago

Agreed. I don't get the disagrees, that is not only what Konami has confirmed, it sorta shows it even more by their latest actions. They don't want to be in the game's business.

Not only are they pushing away their star talent, they don't seem to care. I get that over the years, Kojima has cost them lots and lots of money...consider the last major MGS released in 2008.... look at how many series STARTED in 2008! While entire series have been made between 2008 and now, we are only now getting a second major MGS in terms of generations.

Konami has watched Uncharted, Call Of Duty, Assassins Creed, etc just release whole series while they've been waiting on a second major MGS title. From a business prospective, of course they would be pissed if they know they COULD pimp out more MGS's and make more money.

Kojima isn't worried about that, he is worried about his legacy, quality etc.

Both are not wrong in what they want. Though I know many want to kill Konami right now lol (rightfully so) they need to get that they are more interested in making money, they could care less about quality, the could care less about fans. They care about money.

Kojima buying the IP could give what Konami what they want in terms of no longer working on games. It could be a win win if it happens.

I'm a HUGE MGS fan, been since a child, but just because I don't like what is happening doesn't mean I can't understand it.

No need to disagree, at at least give a good reason why.

I don't see a reason why Konami should be in gaming anymore if they are having so many issues.

This is a good thing for MGS fans as this might mean Konami being open to selling the IP to Kojima.

uth111268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I wouldn't automatically assume that Konami made a dumb business decision. Most likely their hand was forced and they had no choice but to cancel it.

We still don't know all that went down between Kojima and Konami. That will be interesting to know.

xtremexx1269d ago

A little part of me literally died.

Naga1269d ago

Technically, skin cells make that always true.

Septic1268d ago

^^Haha this guy gets all the ladies

Naga1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

When your wife is a doctor, you can know it's good for at least one :)