Here Are 10 Minutes from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Running at Ultra Settings on a Single GTX 980

YouTube’s “ImAnderZEL” has shared ten minutes of gameplay footage from the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, running at Ultra settings.

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Adexus1272d ago

23 days to go! Looks stunning!

starchild1272d ago

Yeah, the game is gorgeous. And I'm happy that I should be able to run it well on my gtx 970. Which is really great because it looks better than AC Unity but also seems to run better.

Adexus1272d ago

I've got the same card too, really excited to see what mods come out of this as well.

decrypt1272d ago


Agreed. Unity was an amazing looking game, this will just be another treat for PC gamers, specially for those that can run it maxed out.

Of course PC gamers not having the hardware to run max settings can still play it maxed out anytime in the future when they do decide to upgrade, So free HD remake to them.

Spinal1272d ago

Yeah I got the gtx 970 too just last week and it came with gta 5 and Witcher 3.

Can't wait to run it on ultra.

JasonChalker1272d ago

The 970 is the most popular GPU today, it better run this game ultra at 60 fps

Locknuts1272d ago

I got a code for this game free with my 970. Win.

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on_line_forever1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

i like the Witcher series but i hope they fix geralt movement and run because he walk and run like a robot not like human .

i think the character movement and run in assassin creed is alot better .

the second thing i don't like is the way how geralt opening houses doors and chests .

he must use his hand when he want to open the doors of houses and chests to look like more reality .

the last thing i notes is the fight with sword , its too fast and barely see his sword movement to enjoy with it .

what i want to say they must benefit from the good things in assassin creed specially the movements and use things or walk over things or through people ... etc .

kcuthbertson1272d ago

Ok, your animation complaints are valid. Some could definitely be improved, but keep in mind the SIZE of this's estimated to be as much as 3.5 times LARGER than Skyrim.

Second, Geralt is a mutated human with inhuman speed and abilities..he's going to swing faster than a normal human.

Lastly, This game isn't assassin's creed...

on_line_forever1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

i got Disagree ?

oh may

this is why we will never get good games in this generation .


DEEBO1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I agree with you,no doubt it's going to be a great game but the animations could be better.

But the combat from witcher two was fun I hope people don't get turned off by it's difficulty.

reallyNow1272d ago

Meanwhile, at kcuthbertson's restaurant:

Customer: "This steak sort of smells like feces."
Waiter: "ah yes, but look how its 3 times bigger than the macaroni salad!"

pivotplease1271d ago

@reallyNow LOL the best way to call someone out on a logical fallacy. I would personally like to see more games follow naughty dog's footsteps with animations. AC has decent looking ones, but when you get gameplay involved it's terrible. ND games just look and feel that much better. I don't understand why poor animations tend to affect PC-oriented developers more. It's just a trend I've noticed over the years. Hopefully fallout 4's animations are leaps and bounds over Fallout 3's. Those were hilariously bad.

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MasterCornholio1272d ago

Looks great. I hope it's also good on consoles because that's what I'll be getting.


Thefreeman0121272d ago ShowReplies(1)
jobboy1272d ago

i wonder how long we have to wait to see some proper console footage... this behaviour is unacceptable

Reaper29r1272d ago

I'm sure it will man, CDPR are one of the few good devs still out there. I'm sure they've tried to tap the potential of each system as best they could. Hopefully we can see some updated PS4/XB1 footage for the people on the fence about that.

@Thefreeman012 dude most PC gamers don't give a crap if you want to play on consoles. The more likely scenario is people on this site who don't like MasterCornholio are just disagreeing with him to be jerks.

MasterCornholio1272d ago

"who don't like MasterCornholio are just disagreeing with him to be jerks."

Yep if you look at my public profile I'm ignored by many people. So I always expect a ton of disagrees whenever I comment. But that doesn't really both to be honest.

Anyways I'm sure the developers will do their best with the console versions of the game. All I want is the game to run good on those systems. That's a pretty normal thing to ask developers in my opinion.

Myst-Vearn1272d ago

I Have not been this excited since Skyrim

cpayne931272d ago

With any luck it will be skyrim but with better combat, story, characters, and side quests.

--bienio--1272d ago

My gtx970 is waiting to be melt;) can't wait

Articuno761272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Cool. Just drop shadow resolution/quality and AA down a notch and I guess I could get similar performance from a 970.

Edit: Although, wow, holy-pop-in Batman. Actually, it's not that bad. In line with what I've seen in other games. But it sticks out here because I'm looking for immaculate presentation. Hopefully they'll be a patch to address that.

starchild1272d ago

Actually, the pop-in seems way better to me than most open world games I've played, which is especially impressive considering how dense it is with detail. If this was AC Unity, for example, things would be popping up left and right just feet in front of you. Sadly, pop-in just goes with the territory with open world games. Maybe installing it to my SSD will improve it somewhat.

Articuno761272d ago

True, when you consider it's open world it is impressive. But keep in mind that the areas we are seeing here aren't truly open either. Good point on the SSD though.

MRMagoo1231272d ago

Well I have dragon age inquisition on an ssd and I still get pop in so I'm not sure it will make a big difference. Then again maybe it's different with different devs we will see.

JasonChalker1272d ago

if you aren't playing at ultra then why play it on PC at all?

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