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Rushing towards you the air fills with sounds of fear and panic, metal swishes as it cuts through the air, striking bone and slicing through flesh - Writes Ian P.

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Toiletsteak1368d ago

I went out and bought a PS4 yesterday while it was on sale and bought BloodBorne with it, i haven't played much but it seems like a good game, i am just going to complete the other games before diving into it.

UglyGeezer1368d ago

You're in for an absolute treat my friend, it really is an exceptional game.

MasterCornholio1368d ago

Here's my recommendation.

Finish those other games first then get on Bloodborne. Its really the type of game that should be played from start to finish without you getting distracted with other titles.

S2Killinit1367d ago

What other titles did you pick up?

Toiletsteak1367d ago

I got The Order, LBP3, Drive Club, Battlefield 4, Devil May Cry and Minecraft which come with the console, i am also going to pick up Infamous and first light soon, i would get Knack but it isn't meant to be that good and i also heard it is going to be in next months PS+.

S2Killinit1367d ago

Good picks. If over the top multiplayer, or couch-co-op is your thing i would pick up Helldivers for sure. But yeah Bloodborne will be a treat.

Silly Mammo1367d ago

Bloodborne is everything they said it is. I never played the Dark Souls games. I love and hate this game equally. I almost sold the game after 2 days because I was so frustrated with it and thought it was a dumb game that was difficult for the sake of being difficult. It all change about 4 hours in and now I can't stop playing it!

...I hate the game still, mind you but it's very addictive.

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wakeNbake1368d ago

This and GTA5 are holding me over until The Witcher 3 comes out.

emilijo7771367d ago

will this reviw be on metacritic?

wodan1367d ago

A great score for a great game.

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