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James writes - "It’s time to try Mortal Kombat X, the first MK game to make the step into the latest generation of gaming… will it lure in a whole new generation of gamers too?"

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neil3631395d ago

Haven't played a MK game for years but have been sorely tempted to jump on this one. Might wait for a price drop though... Always best to give everyone else a chance at perfecting the moves first!

CorndogBurglar1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

The game is great. It really is one of the best MK's.

However, the netcode really holds it back. Its garbage and you'll be hard pressed to find a match online that doesn't have input lag at the very least.

Its a shame because NRS are obviously talented creators, but they refuse to put the time and money into making a fully functional online experience for some reason. MK9, Injustice, and now this.

I'm done with NRS until they can get their online act together. This is unacceptable in a fighting game where very precise input commands are key.

neil3631395d ago

I'll keep to the single player then! Cheers.