Petition to remove Valve's Paid Mods gets over 120,000 Signatures

A petition to remove Valve's Paid Mods from the Steam Workshop gets 120,000 Signatures. Do you think it should be replaced with a donation button?

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dragongod641391d ago

If some one works hard on a mod & wants a little $ for it,fine $.25 - $5 Maby more for a all in one mod.
There are free mods out there, go find them or make your own & stop wineing.

Halo2ODST21391d ago

The modder basically gets nothing, lets say they sell a mod for $5, they get 25% of that while Valve get 75%. It isn't worth selling their mod if they get nothin.

Saryk1391d ago

What is 25% of a million dollars?

Maul_T_Pass1391d ago

Online petitions are about as effective as standing out your front door and yelling about your cause while shaking your fist in the air. SPEAK WITH YOUR WALLETS PEOPLE! Do not buy the mods and it will go away. Easy peasy.

Saryk1391d ago

Thank you! Always vote with your wallets and your feet!

ikarodemon1391d ago

This is a stupid petition!