Mad World on the Wii: gaming gets a new demon (Ars Technica)

Ars Technica is reporting on Mad World, an in-development title for the Wii that is being shown in behind-closed-doors media briefings at E3:

Splashes of color hit the screen when you disembowel your enemies with any number of weapons, and we're told the chainsaw is going to be in the character's standard loadout. The character is competing on a game show where you have to murder as many people as you can in an urban environment to win...

Everything about the game is a celebration of violence, a wicked dance of gore. The Wiimote controls look to be very functional, with movements giving you both environmental and weapon-specific finishing moves...

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smokeymicpot3749d ago

This game might put the wii in a different type of direction. That could be a good one. This game will probably be insnae