Silent Hills Cancellation Is An Absolute Travesty

"Last year, following the release of the extraordinary playable teaser for Silent Hills, I wrote an enthusiastic blog in which I described how I was physically shaking with excitement when the game was announced.

"Today, I’m shaking with rage."

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Marcello1395d ago

Yep agree, this is up there with still no Shenmue 3 & Colonial Marines. Kojima really has pissed off somebody or something, maybe he put salt in the bosses tea instead of sugar by mistake.

Hellsvacancy1395d ago

Kojima make tea? I bet it takes him a week "it must be perfect"

Mikefizzled1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I'm awaiting the launch trailer for the cup of tea cut by Kojima himself.
Shame if it was a cup of coffee he could have gotten Yoji Shinkawa to do some latte art.

InMyOpinion1395d ago

The PT demo in itself is the best horror game I've ever played. This is a f*cking disgrace.

Ron_Danger1395d ago

The first time I played it with my surround sound I was blow away by how great it was... Hearing the distorted radio say "look behind you" and hearing the ghost's raspy breathing behind me was terifying!!

Concertoine1395d ago

Silent hills could've not only saved the series but the state of AAA horror itself. I would argue we haven't had a truly great AAA horror game since Condemned in 2005. Games like Dead Space and Evil Within are fun to play but not scary. There are some good indie horrors, but i remember when the horror genre led both in sales and innovation, now we just play a bunch of RE 4 clones and Amnesia clones lol...

NecotheSergal1394d ago

Should be a criminal offense to cancel a game with such expectation behind it after P.T.

Germany71395d ago

Everything seemed perfect, the awesome announcement with P.T confirming that really was a new Silent Hill, a game that would be made by Kojima, Del Toro and Norman Reedus as a protagonist, the hype was huge.
For now, we will remember as a game that could be perfect and probably never gonna happen, like Shenmue 3.

TripC501395d ago

I have been teased. And it hurts.

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The story is too old to be commented.