Sony: Home 'Disconnected' by Business Minds

Jack Tretton, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has blamed "business minds" for problems with PlayStation Home.

Speaking in an interview, Tretton said part of the reason issues have arisen with Home stemmed from, "the disconnect of when Sony took Home out of the creative minds and put it the hands of business minds... but I would rather ship it two years from now with a lot of good stuff, than open it as some ghost town.

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truth for gamers3748d ago

oh unbelievable!!!
To the people who reported this submission as "bad editing":

If you want to know how that sentence ends simply click on the link, talk about lazy. (you're supposed to read the entire article anyways before you comment).

ry-guy3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

No, but what is lame is your attempt to get click throughs by discontinuing a sentence. By doing what you are doing you're trying to farm degrees for your stories, which is lame.

Besides, I can comment (and report) on the EDITTING of the story without needing to click through and read the entire article, since the editting refers to your end of the posting process (not the website's).

truth for gamers3748d ago


first of all I didn't even know that you could make your story hotter by doing what you said, I highly doubt that is how it works.

for those of you who don't know what we are talking about:

these guys are complaining because I copied and pasted this:

Jack Tretton, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has blamed "business minds" for problems with PlayStation Home.

Speaking in an interview, Tretton said part of the reason issues have arisen with Home stemmed from

instead of what you see.

truth for gamers3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

and now to keep this news from being seen, N4G (B4G) did'nt put it in the featured stories.

KimboSlice3748d ago

Yeah whats up with that?
This story needs to be in the featured stories section.

People need to know that he actually said that home might ship for about 2 years. Thats pretty big news.

Panthers3748d ago

He wasnt being literal when he said 2 years. He said that he wants to ship a finished product. He was exaggerating. You guys are thick.

Kyur4ThePain3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I'm sorry...I don't know how else to put're an idiot.

Are you telling me you actually are taking what he said literally?

KimboSlice3748d ago

Ok it may not be 2 years from now but the mere fact that he said 2 years is an indication that home still has a lot of developing to go through.

Drekken3748d ago

Why do any of you guys act like you own a PS3 or would even consider one. You are in every single PS3 article bending the words and coming up with your own truth. Its truly pathetic.

HOME will be in open beta in a few months. It will be in BETA for a long time, but people will have it. Hate it or not, its coming.

PLUS... I read this same article on this site a day or two ago, can we stop regurgitation articles because it can put Sony in a bad light... You cant just change a title for the same damn interview.

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thor3748d ago

Yup. BTW home is NOT coming out this year, quote me on it if you must. An OPEN BETA for home is coming out this year. That basically means, HOME with less features and bugs, that not everyone will get involved with because it's a beta. Also, can you really expect games that have come out already to be patched for home when it might not come out for ages? Look at tropies. As many past games (probably fewer) will support home and in-home game launching as support trophies - only 1st party and very few indeed. Home will NOT let you launch into games aside from those that already do, and games coming out AFTER home launches. I.e hardly any when home launches. So if you want to play GAMES with your FRIENDS, you WILL NOT be able to meet up in home and play them. I repeat, you WILL NOT be able to meet up with friends in home and PLAY THE GAMES YOU WANT TO PLAY. You will have to quit out of home and find the server they are on in the usual way.

Rant over, if I get any disagrees please explain. I can see home will be great for what it is, but as far as the whole "meeting up and playing games" thing goes, it will fail.

HB-Sauce3748d ago

Wouldn't Home support become mandatory at a certain date in time, like the Trophies? Because it wouldn't make sense if it was just first party titles that you could access/start from your virtual home.

As for games that are/have been released before Home, I wouldn't expect alot of them to be patched. Like I said earlier, I'd assume Sony would make Home support mandatory passed a certain date. Maybe not a huge room or anything, but something so you can jump into the game with your friends.

thor3748d ago

Yeah but surely that will be AFTER it launches, it would be silly to force developers to integrate with home when it's not out, and so even games releasing in oct/nov this year will not have mandatory support. That includes LBP, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2 etc.

Drekken3748d ago

Funny... You can launch certain games as a group in HOME already. Am I wrong?

HB-Sauce3748d ago

They showed Home video that included a group of people surronding a table (I think it was a "WarHawk" themed room) and they entered into the game. I assume you would be able to meet up with your virtual Home friends and enter into a game. I don't know if it would automatically start you and your Home friends in a party or group when your playing online (hopefully thats how it will be) or if it just starts up the game and you have to find your friends.

Drekken3748d ago

You start in a group.

This is a prime example of why people who pop their head out of their *ss to comment should seriously STFU. They pop in and cry about this and that and they arent even close.

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StayHigh3748d ago

Just get the open beta out and im happy...

Sez 3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

damn.. so many delays with the ps3. at this point. they better be putting amusement parks and rides,museums,schools for game designs, i better be able to get in a car pick up people and drive to my friends house in home. ect

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