Hirai: PlayStation 3 Ops Profitable By March 2009

Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Kazuo Hirai has reaffirmed his belief that overall PlayStation 3 operations are expected to turn profitable by March 2009 - the end of Sony's 2008 fiscal year, according to a report from Japanese wire service Jiji Press.

Hirai first told the Associated Press in December 2007 that his goal as CEO was to help Sony's game division "escape as soon as possible from the red and return to the black in fiscal year 2008."

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Dark vader5319d ago (Edited 5319d ago )

Its amazing how sony was able to reduce the cost of the ps3, in a year. And on top of that they will be turning profit at the end of this fiscal year. I am just hoping that the blueray technology will go down in price soon. As much as i would love to buy blueray movies, i really cant cause its to expensive for me to shell out 30 bucks a pop for one movie. But when the darkknight comes out in blueray, i will definitly give that movie a purcahse.

truth for gamers5319d ago

Well they better hope that they don't have to price drop the ps3 by $50 by then cause they'll be back in the red. They might have to if MS does.

Dark vader5319d ago

the 360 is already cheaper then the wii in europe, and it still being outsold everymonth over their. And the 360 had a head start plus is way cheaper. Microsoft lead slimmed down to 5 million and it as like 10 at one point.

Adriana Lima5319d ago

i wonder how you live your life?
it's actually quite intriguing.

crck5319d ago

MS had a chance to lower the price to $299 and they decided not to for the new 60gb model. Unlikely that they would drop it anytime soon after announcing that the price would go back up to $350 when they were released.

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Silogon5319d ago

Turning profit in just 2 years from launch, huh? How are they going to do this without exclusive must have games? I see 3d0 on a more stable path if you ask me. The ps3, to me, seems like the 3d0 to a T only with a semi successful shot at the market.

I don't see Sony making profit until Christmas 09, myself. I don't think they will have an install base or games to support that kind of increase in profit. I really don't.

I see them having 16 million units sold by years end, christmas included and I see 3 exclusive Ps3 games set up for the holidays.

Resistance 2
Little Big planet
Motor storm 1.5

that's it! And those don't appeal to everyone guys. Sony isn't going to hit that target.

kornbeaner5319d ago

then they start the year with Killzone2 and inFamous.

And later this year they also have Ratchet and Clank: Search for Booty.

Plus all the Multiplats that are coming out. CoD:WaW, GuitarHero:World Tour, Rock Band 2, and others.

Plus not all games have to reach all gamers, that has always been the best part of the PS brand, you dont have to like God of War or Ratchet to enjoy the system, but the system will have games that many people enjoy.

pwnsause5319d ago

well they dont need to do a price drop this year at all, Microsoft drop their price on the 20gb 360 to discontinue it and introduce a 60gb 360 for $50 dollars more than the $20gb. so no change. Sony just added value to the 40gb PS3 by swapping the HDD to a 80gb HDD and completely replaced the sixaxis to the DS3. so yea they are on pace to become profitable.

Wotbot5318d ago

find this hard to believe. The PS3 is not really selling that well when compared to the Wii, and they lose Money on every console.

If this is true then MS must be turning a profit by now, even with the billion they put aside for repairs..