GTA 5 Online Patch 1.26 Unlimited Money Glitch Found

One Angry Gamer "It never ends. As often as Rockstar goes out of their way to patch and fix the glitches, cheats and exploits that gamers find, someone will spend all day (or maybe two) to find out some way to beat the system. In this case, a new duplication glitch was found that works before patch 1.24/1.26 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and the PS4. Luckily, PC gamers don’t have to deal with such cheap tricks and can just use the native trainer for their cheating and duplication needs."

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Crimzon1396d ago

The only reason Rockstar patches these things out is so that they can sell their ridiculously priced Shark Cards to people. If everyone in GTA Online had infinite money it would not negatively impact the game at all, but nope, gotta make those microtransactions desirable...

Rock-Lee1396d ago

"If everyone in GTA Online had infinite money it would not negatively impact the game at all, but nope, gotta make those microtransactions desirable..."

It would impact the game HUGE in a negative way. If everyone has infinite money, then no one would play the jobs, cause why bother. Sure they're fun, but if there is no incentive, you'll stop playing them after a few. So the jobs would be dead, nobody would be playing them anymore. Also free roam would be a war zone. Everyone would have tanks, heli's etc and call mercenaries, set bounties, call for backup, call mugger, call Lester etc non-stop. It's fun for an hour, but that really gets old and annoying. Every session you join is filled with tanks, you'll have bounty 99% of the time and everyone keeps sending mercenaries. Sure you can choose passive mode, but then you can't do ANYTHING. Also, where is the fun in buying en tuning cars when you can just buy everything, just like everyone else.

GTA Online is fine the way it is, it's very balanced as is. If people want to buy a tank, they need to play jobs in order to purchase one. Money is the central stone in GTA Online, EVERYTHING revolves around money. If you have infinite money, you'll have infinity EVERYTING. Sounds fun, but it will destroy the game for most people. The Shard cards are not only to earn money for Rockstar, they also make sure that there are at least options for people to earn money without having too much play time. The price make sure not everyone will buy a lot of them, that's why they're set so high. If Rockstar REALLY wanted to make money they would have slashed the prices and sold all the DLC since launch. Instead they keep the Shard price high and give free DLC. To ensure the community stays intact and avoid destroying the game with infinite money.

GTA Online is fine.

Crimzon1396d ago

Well, my two biggest criticisms of what you said are as follows.

Heists & Jobs: If nobody would play them any more, that means that people don't find them very fun which is a failure on Rockstar's part for bad game design. You know, a while ago people would happily play games online because they were fun, not because there were unlocks or something to grind towards, but because they were genuinely fun. If the only way to maintain an active playerbase is by making them work for something then you've failed as a designer and your game is simply not fun to play.

Money: I don't think you can say that GTA Online is balanced and then say that it would be unbalanced if everybody had a lot of money. I mean, you seriously think it's okay now for the few who've played ridiculously long hours or spent the real money to build-up in-game wealth and have an advantage over other players, but if EVERYONE had access to that stuff it's not fair? That makes no sense at all. If it was balanced, either everyone would have it, or no-one would have it. Setting a differentiator between some having access to tanks etc. and some not instantly creates an unfair advantage, especially when people willing to spend real cash on Shark Cards can buy themselves an advantage.

Do you really not see the problem here?

WilliamSheridan1396d ago

GTA Online is NOT fine the way it is. It needs more to do. It needs casinos like RDR had, it needs cops vs robbers mode like GTA4 had, it needs a more versatile level editor for making game modes, and GTA5 needs single player dlc like GTA4 had.

Fixay1396d ago

You mean the Airport trying to get a heli to blow everything one up and try and stop people from getting their own heli lol