EU & US in joint Home Beta this autumn

The Home Beta will be made available to Europe and the US simultaneously, it was revealed last night.

During a press conference in Santa Monica, SCEE President, David Reeves, said the online 3D community service would arrive "with the same specs, same support and at the same time in autumn 2008". He went on to say that an exact date for its release would be announced by SCEI "very shortly".

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truth for gamers3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

A related story is posted here, tretton says that home may not ship until 2 years from now.

solidt123745d ago

Sweet, so it will be this year.

Tomdc3745d ago

@ 1.1 since when are they shipping Home? lolz

Panthers3745d ago

He wasnt being literal when he said 2 years. He said that he wants to ship a finished product. He was exaggerating. You are thick to not see that.

kapedkrusader3745d ago

...stop spreading lies. The original author of the interview you are referring to clearly stated that Tretton was only suggesting that if if were upto him, he wouldn't release HOME for another two years, if it would make it better.

StayHigh3745d ago

They better bring getting tired of waiting for it..

thebudgetgamer3745d ago

someone should change their name maybee lies for fanboys

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Real gamer 4 life3746d ago

Awesome news! i am very excited about home. This will finally give the playstation 3 a new identity, something that it can truly call its own. Home is truly a product of innovation, something that has never been done before in a online scale. Although i am not expecting to much being that its going to be an on going beta, but i am just happy that we can finally experience this.

smokeymicpot3746d ago

That would be great if it is true. there will probably be bad the first day of release

Overr8ed3745d ago

If their Severs are as Sh**y as the 2.40 update then it would be bad, but i think they learned from 2.40 and GTA.

Solid_Snake6663745d ago

GTA was rockstar not sonys servers

Overr8ed3745d ago

oh thanks for pointing out my ignorance... but you get the point.

truncheon3746d ago

joint, yeah! will need one of those for the Home Beta...

solidsnakus3746d ago

yea im shure we can just ignore jack when he said "fall"...

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