E3 2008: Interview with Microsoft UK's head of gaming, Stephen McGill

TechRadar gets a UK perspective on E3 2008, from the Xbox boss

Microsoft's E3 would probably be best characterized as solid if unspectacular – it walked an interesting line between appeasing (existing) hardcore and (putative) casual Xbox 360 owners, showcasing some pretty exciting games (including, surprisingly, several efforts from Square-Enix including Final Fantasy XIII, which was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive) and a radical overhaul for Xbox Live, doing away with the ugly, hated "blades" in favour of cuddly avatars.

It also copped a bit of flak for perceived plagiarism, with a karaoke game, Lips, which is suspiciously like SingStar and those Mii-like avatars and Home-like avatar-based XBL front-end.

We managed to catch up with Stephen McGill, the company's UK head of gaming and entertainment, in search of a UK perspective – E3 press conferences are infamous for concentrating on the US at the expense of the rest of the world.

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titntin3771d ago

Nothing hguely new about any of this info, but its pretty informative and a reasonably unbiased write up from Steve Boxer, who's a guy I strive to like!! :)