Miyamoto: 'E3 is No Longer for Showing Core Games'

Kombo Writes: "Love or hate him, Shigeru Miyamoto does know how to talk to people. After having one of the most disappointing E3 conferences in their history, Nintendo is still coming out with strong punches and sticks with their decision to reveal casual titles during their conference. Did Nintendo lose their minds temporarily? No, they made this decision based on the E3 media and he reassures us that hardcore games are in development.

During an interview with MSNBC, Shigeru Miyamoto talked about Nintendo's E3 conference, casual titles, and why Nintendo revealed what they did. Checkout a small excerpt from the interview below:

"I think that there's probably one other element to it, and that's that our view of how we use E3 has changed. For a very long time, E3 was an event where - and certainly Nintendo included - catered specifically to the core gamer. Now we look at more … an opportunity for us to introduce new concepts and new types of play that we intend to bring to the broader audience, particularly because of the media that gathers at E3 now.

So while attending an E3 event like this, they might be given the impression that Nintendo is no longer focusing on the games that appeal to the core gamer, in fact we're still working on many of those titles, but it's just not the type of event where we'll be showcasing that anymore."

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smokeymicpot5753d ago

He is right. E3 is just to make new people to get the games really. They know that the core gamers will find what they want it will not change their minds

Overr8ed5753d ago (Edited 5753d ago )

and other game events like TGS and Legizg (idk how to spell it) can show core gamers new games that they would like.

MK_Red5752d ago

lol, they are the ones that killed E3 with crap like Wii Fit and Music. E3 still is the best place for hardcore games. Fable 2, Fallout 3, InFamous, Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia, Gears 2, Resistance 2 ROCKED at E3 while Nintendo FAILED.

Brainiac 85752d ago

The thing is that in a way he is right, and Nintendo has done this for a while. E3 was dieing way before WiiFit and all of that was introduced.

Nintendo has always used the TGS to showcase their core titles more than E3, or at least in the last few years. The reason for this is that the media involved with E3 includes many mainstream media and not just game bloggers/media. This is a perfect way for Nintendo to showcase their expanded software.

Think about how it worked last year:

Mario Kart Wii

Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super Mario Galaxy
Monster Hunter 3 announced as Nintendo exclusive

This is really what they focused on in each respective game show.

I say wait until the Tokeo Game Show, and we'll see what is in their coffers for the core gamer.

Polluted5752d ago

Agreed. Most Epic Fail. What were they thinking saying E3 isn't for core gamers? Those core gamers they're taking about spent the last 3 dys glued to their computer screens watching E3 live. The internet almost exploded when MS announced FFXIII because of core gamers.
Meanwhile most casual gamers have never even heard of E3 and they wouldn't really care if they did.

MK_Red5752d ago (Edited 5752d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy was shown at N's conference last E3 and so was Metroid. Killzone 2 was finally revieled. Call of Duty 4 was unveild and blew people away. Fallout 3 was shown behind doors. BioShock shined. InFamous was announced.

Brainiac 8, why Fallout 3 was shown here for public in E3? Why FFXIII went multi here? Why the uber stunning gameplay of Prince of Persia was shown? Why InFamous gameplay was shown? Why God of War 3 teaser? Nintendo is the only one that has been casual focused and this year, MS went their direction a bit too but thirt party publishers won and showed the real stuff.

E3 is THE place to show real stuff. Sadly, Nintendo and casual craze are killing it.

gaffyh5752d ago

@Brainiac - Nintendo usually never goes to TGS, they went once in 2005 to show the Wii.

Brainiac 85752d ago

I was mostly saying that Nintendo has started to take this route with E3, and of course, they went a little too far.

I do wish that MS wouldn't go that route, since their expertise is in different areas.

Tomdc5752d ago

i dont like it when the term hardcore is aplied to games, because I think it depends on the way you play a game. For example ratchet and clank is hardly hardcore is it when you ignore skill points? Well thats my opinion anyway...

N4g_null5752d ago

I guess they are simply doing what they are currently hot at makes sense to me. SONY showed a pre-rendered GOWar trailer why they do best is hype CG trailers just kidding. MS pretty much is just buying stuff in the console maker mall. Each company is doing what they do best and it really showed. Most hardcore this gen don't want nintendo games any way other wise they would have a system and still be playing it.

E3 is always going to be a sales recap for the press and some thing for the investment media guys.

I miss the old E3 that was a frat party LOL but hey there is no rule that they can't have private parties!

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SPECTRUX5752d ago

Does anybody know what casual gamers attend E3? Or care about what is announced at E3? Or even know what E3 is?

ChickeyCantor5752d ago

The Press gets the word out to the "casual"...why is it so hard to understand this?

Thats the whole problem the casual gamers do not go to E3 or look it up the Internet. It makes more sense that they read this stuff in the news paper or something like that.

The Press is their key of getting the word out.

Tomdc5752d ago

lol i'd never heard about E3 till after last years one when I saw news articles about it =P

N4g_null5752d ago

Major networks, VIAom maybe stock holders, Um retail..... they are pretty casual when it comes to their taste in games.

sajj3165752d ago

This is why you do Spaceworld or whatever you called your conference/convention! Keep to core ... casuals don't go to gaming conventions.

Mr Fancy Pants5752d ago

Nintendo please stop making excuse because of your lack of good tittles for core gamers... First Reggie trying to say what we should play and now Miyamoto saying that we already know what we want.