Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is "Copying" Other Games, But is That a Bad Thing?

FreakOrama said: "With the release of the gameplay reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 today, a lot of gamers and developers are noticing the obvious 'inspirations' the game has, and a lot of those who noticed them are mocking / poking fun at the game and its creators for taking these massive inspirations. But joking aside, is it a bad thing that the game is taking inspirations or copying other games?"

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payikick1396d ago

Of course theyre copying other games, this is the most unoriginal game franchise ever made. But people buy it I dont get it. these games are thrash, the only good one to me was COD 4 MW.

Agheil1396d ago

Shadow of Mordor copied Assasins Creed and Batman, is that a bad thing ? No. It made the game better and was put together in its own fashion. Games have been copying games since the beginning of this industry. Why complain? Just move on with your life.

Baka-akaB1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Everyone copies yes , but still ...

My take is , that there is a difference between games borrowing or outright stealing ideas and mechanics from games , while still having some charm and a "soul" of their own .... and generic commercial stuff . It's easy to guess where i'd put the yearly COD games .

That said , complaining about it wont change anything

TheCommentator1396d ago

COD has done it before, like AW's blatent copy of Titanfalls gameplay concept(which they ridiculously claimed was their own idea). This just proves how few original ideas are left for the franchise.

nX1396d ago

They're milking this series for a decade now... is it too much to ask for a bit originality? The trailer simply looked like 'Generic Futuristic Military Shooter #5" to me.

Ricegum1396d ago

"These games are trash"

Oh opinions are fun. If you expect people to respect your opinion can't you respect the fact that a lot of people enjoy Call Of Duty games? Anyway, looking forward to hearing more about this game.

Matt6661396d ago

This is COD at least 80% of there "new" games are copy and paste weather its perks, weapons or maps from previous games or the same bs factors from previous CODs. After all these years of COD and yet people still are believing there lies and false hope.

Agheil1396d ago

Do you know what's copied and pasted? People's complaints every year when a new Call of Duty is announced.... Like why do you care so much? Why comment ? Why waste your time? Just move on. Forget that this franchise exists ( if that's even possible ).

Crummybear1396d ago

Get over it bro, it doesn't affect you. I don't understand why some people get so mad when somebody enjoys COD. I play all games from Bloodborne to Mario Kart and still find lots of mindless fun in COD.

spicelicka1396d ago

I think the problem is because many of these people, including myself, used to actually like COD. Back in COD 4 days, I was a huge fan, played it every day, and I had a certain vision of where I wanted the franchise to go but it went the wrong way, so yes I'm still bitter about that.

Every year I don't buy it but I still hope it will turn into something I like, also because I love FPS games.

Minute Man 7211396d ago

The main problem is laggy gameplay.

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jairusmonillas1396d ago

Everything started from copying. Infact copying should be free. It's good as long as you are making a better version of the thing you are copying.

DarkOcelet1396d ago

A good artist copy. A great artist steal.

OrangePowerz1396d ago

Every game now takes inspiration from other games simply because it has all pretty much been done before. It's not like other games didn't take inspiration from CoD before.

Sir_Simba1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Besides the obvious Deus Ex inspiration, I struggle to see the difference between this game and Advance warfare. They look very identical.
Usually you can identifie differences between Black ops and Modern warfare.

Parasyte1396d ago

Personally, I'll have to see more info about multiplayer and Zombies before I make my decision on whether to bite the bullet with this one. As of right now, I don't plan on buying it, but that could change.

On a side note: Am I the only one that thought this article was trying way too hard to sound overly intelligent, and was wordy for the sake of being wordy?

TheCommentator1396d ago

What if they're robot zombies?

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