Please Stop With the MGS4 to Xbox 360 Paranoia

Many of us never thought that FFXII would make its way to the Xbox 360. Have that being said, people need to stop acting like the world is coming to an end. MGS4 stands very little chance of being ported to MS.


The description should have said FFXIII. My apologies on this oversight.

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kewlkat0073747d ago

Until it happens ala FF13.

Really just put it to rest until E3 2009.

taz80803747d ago

The sad part is that at E3 2009 youll just see a teaser trailer for it, zing hhhaha

Maddens Raiders3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

I don't think this statement is accurate.

The real paranoia is why 360 fans would want to play a game that was made to run like Jet Fuel JP-6 on the PS3 that would play more like Unleaded on the the 360? I don't get it. I mean, there's no doubt that Kojima would put his best foot forward when / if he's going to port it to the 360, but don't 360 fans always talk down to "Japanese" games anyway? Seems like some guys are just schizophrenic or just plain jealous.

I can barely count on a couple of fingers how many times I've seen or heard of PS3 fans "clamoring" or making a commotion about (insert any 360 game here) coming to the PS3, besides maybe Bioshock.

Sega Saturn3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Maddens Raiders, why are you not using yor Condoleeza Rice profile?

RemmM3747d ago

Article said FFXII, FFXII is on PS2....I think it meant to say FFXIII!

deeznuts3747d ago

Does it really matter though? Simultaneous release = BURN! One that isn't even annoucned yet? Meh. Like when PS3 got bioshock, as a PS3 owner, I didn't think "In your face Xbox!"

But as a new 360 owner, I'm thinking, Bioshock now, or wait for PS3 version ...

morganfell3747d ago

Well Maddens, it is like FF13. FF13 won't sell worth a damn on the 360. I don't believe Microsoft paid Square one red cent for FF13. I think they offered to make them the centerpiece announcement and kicked Bungie out of the briefing to do so. The prospect of selling it on the 360 and making money appealed to Square who are so desperate to make money they failed to think long term.

So 4 companies are going to get what is coming to them:

1 - Square is going to lose a lot of money. FF13 won't move on the 360 and the development costs will be steep.

2 - Bungie was dumped on. They fought hard to free themselves from MS so they could exercise their freedom. For not going multiplatform they deserve this. They pissed off MS with the fight to be free and now they are reaping what was sown.

3 - MS made a big deal out of this and crapped on Bungie. Neither will pay them any benefit.

4 - Sony decided not to pay for FF13 exclusivity and they shouldn't. FF13 games are not game of the year titles. Sony prefers something like...Bioshock.

Why do I bring this up? Because FF13 is like MGS4. Xbox 360 fans do not want MGS4 or FF13 to play it. Nor MGS4. Not most of them. They only want them because the PS3 had them. In the case of MGS4 it isn't going anywhere. That decision actually rests with Kojima and he says no. It is why Motion Picture companies had to negotiate with him rather than Konami to make a game set in the Metal Gear world. Unlike Square he isn't driven by money. Not that he isn't getting plenty now.

PS3 fans wanted Bioshock because they wanted the experience.That is the difference between 360 fans and PS3 fans on the whole. 360 fans are more concerned about bragging rights and PS3 fans are more concerned about gaming.

Yes there are 360 fans that will buy FF13. But not in the numbers that will make a fairly intricate development cycle worth it. The PS3 version will outsell it easily. I always thought Square was smarter than that. Of course when Core/Arcade owners find out they have to go out and buy a ridiculously priced 360 HDD with no capacity just to play FF13 they are going to be ticked.

Sheddi3747d ago

Bubbles for u my friend!
very well said!

JBaby3433747d ago

Please 360 people if you like MGS4 just get a freaking PS3. Not only do you get MGS4 but all the other epic games plus blu-ray functionality. Figure it out already and for the good of everyone on N4G shut up about games coming to 360.

thebudgetgamer3747d ago

its a us too situation and pushing the people that basicly saved the xbox to the side is never a good idea

Maddens Raiders3747d ago

"That is the difference between 360 fans and PS3 fans on the whole. 360 fans are more concerned about bragging rights and PS3 fans are more concerned about gaming..."

I think you linked my point exactly. It seems ludicrous that 360 hardcore fans, that for years have said, "Japanese games suck"..."who wants to play with spikey haired metrosexual freaks..."..."these games are all cut scenes...." blah, blah, blah -- would even take the time to "rah! rah! games of this caliber and origin. I mean does it make any sense to anyone here? I mean of course there are some 360 fans that will gladly welcome these games and probably own more than one system, but for the overwhelming majority of 360 owners, these / this game(s) will land on the console with a giant, resounding thud.

What you said is quite accurate more than it is actually sad.

JsonHenry3747d ago

I dont know why anyone cares. What is the worst that can happen? FF gets a bigger audience? Fanboys make me sick.

Grown Folks Talk3746d ago

I have to disagree. The Xbox brand isn't even 10 years old yet. Many of the people who own a 360 have, or have had Sony systems, & have enjoyed a number of franchises on said systems. We should all know by now that we can't use this site as a basis of good judgement. The average, normal gamer isn't like most of the people who post here. On top of that, most of the extremists here have 5 different profiles which skews things even more. Sure there are those that will rejoice in the fact that Sony "lost" a title, but a good number will rejoice in the fact that they will get to play it without having to fork over $ to buy a PS3 if they haven't already done so.

umair_s513746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

FF series has been a PS title, i mean all major ones were released on the PS. So Ps2 owners are more likely to upgrade to a ps3 than a 360.

I think microsoft is run by idiots,they should have opted for a bluray or HD-DVD. It is only the 2nd year for ps3 and the need for a bluray is apparent. think about 2011 when games will be pushing bluray to its limits, then 360 games will need 12 disks. Oh wait 360 wont last that ask gamers to invest $300+ on a gaming that would barely last for 5 years.

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LorD3747d ago

That quote just about sums up this whole issue.

You'll never see MGSIV on XBOX, much like we'll never see Gears of War on PS3.

drunkpandas3747d ago

Never say never. While it highly probable that it will never happen due to technical constraints, if Konami wants the money from the sales that bad, they'll figure out a way

Bubble Buddy3747d ago

^Above: You just said never though :P.

thebudgetgamer3747d ago

while i will agee it probably wont happen if i said 10 or so years ago that sonic and mario would end up in the same game i probably would have been beaten

Mr PS33747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

When Bot's Say's it's possible that MGS4 will come to the Xbox
We that have played MGS4 Just Laugh at them
Call them Dumb Idiotic Bots
Laugh some More
Throw RROD down thier Scrawny Throat's
Laugh Again
Take the P1ss outa Gears 2
Laugh till we choke !!!!
Thats not Paranoia

zapass3747d ago

just like FF13, MGS4 can only be *butchered* to 360.
even if konami cons m$ for the money like square did, the bots will get a crappy imitation while we get the real thing and we should all thank em for the $$$, lol

it's an interesting aspect of this gen:
- m$ screwed xbots by moving $$$ from making a reliable hardware into stealing sony exclusives
- xbots drink the positive headlines like coolaid while waiting for their 10th refurb
- we play the real thing on the best hardware

I'm fine with it, there's absolutely nothing to be paranoid about

niall773747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

ps3 owners will have played it, moved on to LittleBigPlannet, resistance2 and killzone2 finished them and God of war 3 mega hype will be in effect

Unless it can be announced to be released THIS YEAR or early next for 360 there is no "pwnage" to sony

if sony walked out at next year and said "we have MS's GTAIV DLC" would people care or would they just laugh at how they missed the boat?

taz80803747d ago

This is very true. The only reason FFXIII was sucha big news story wwas because the game isnt out yet, so we arent exactly sure how much time will be between the 360 and pS3 version. MGS4 is out now and people are already palying it, who cares if they try to port it now, we would have to wait a year for it anyway.

NowGen3747d ago

i could'nt of said it better.lets please move on from this on again off again rumor.

Mike Bowden3747d ago

Just like Bioshock and Eternal Sonata.

NMC20073747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

PS3 fans care about Bioshock and Eternal Sonata a year later, then Xbox fans would care about MGS 4, come on man..... unless.....

Eternal Sonata + Bioshock >>>>> MGS 4

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taz80803747d ago

I doubt kojima would go the route of selling out, he may get a serious talking to by Sony. That being said though I wouldnt doubt it one bit. Seems that exclusives are a thing of the past nowadays.