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I'm playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 as Seraph, a female criminal assassin raised in Singapore's quarantine zone and one of nine Specialist character types that can bring a unique weapon or ability into a multiplayer match. I pick up the enemy flag and quickly get out of sight by powersliding 15 feet into a nearby building. It's a lot like the slide in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but faster and longer.

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hiredhelp1392d ago

Wall running alot like advance warfare... :(

Peace_Love_and_FPS1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

No wall running in AW, I think movement of all types (aerial, land and water) getting faster and more time having your gun up is a better CoD. Zombies has its own campaign too, after AW was meh.

MRMagoo1231391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Faster is not a better COD at all, I can bet you if they released a remade COD 4 at the same time as a new COD the remake would get miles more sales, even I would buy it and I have been over shooters for years now.

COD4 was the shooter to own for a reason along with [email protected], MW2 and even black ops 1 was ok, now people just buy them in hopes they get it right again.

Vegamyster1391d ago

AW didn't have wall running.

spicelicka1391d ago

You mean wall running straight ripped from Titanfall.

Gilgamesh151392d ago

Wrong direction for this much maligned franchise.

Tankbusta401391d ago

Wall running? What's next for cod? Permanent jet packs and one hit lasers? Combat on the moon? What more craziness could they jam in their next game that nobody wants

Agent_hitman1391d ago

I was expecting Treyarch to go back to it's root by making World At War 2 and stop making futuristic shooters.

lawgone1391d ago

Many of us have been hoping for that. A COD based on real events or a modern warfare that is modern and not futuristic. I think they only thing they got right in this new one is that water is no longer toxic. Always found it funny how you're supposed to be a spec ops warrior but you melt when you hit a puddle of water.

PersonMan1391d ago

The futuristic stuff needs to go. NOW!

When I'm playing Advanced Warfare, I feel like I'm playing with a bunch of grasshoppers

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