Left 4 Dead: 3 Multiplayer Videos

Kotaku has posted videos of Left 4 Dead's multiplayer mode, and it looks incredible!

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sonarus3749d ago

Looks very fun indeed. They aren't saying too much about story i hope there is a story present. So far it just looks like a bunch of guys take on zombie wave after zombie wave. I think i will have to get it though just for the coop element. 3p coop is lame though...why not 4:(

Boldy3749d ago

They've stated that the only story in this game is to survive.

Boldy3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I like the new designs because the old ones kinda made them all look like dirty hobos. Now they look like your everyday people. I also like the fire effects and how the wick in the molotov c#cktail moves like at 1:51 in the first video.

Bazookajoe_833749d ago

Could feel a little repetetive if youre only goal is to guard and stay alive. The graphic is hard to tell from the bad caming, is there any hd quality released?

mesh13749d ago

but you dont own a 360 any way, this game i slooking amamzing and is deffinatly a great 360 exclusive coming this year im will be buying this banjoo3,toohuman,fallout 3,gears of war 2,fable 2 this year nothing else tbh i have a ps3 but i think ill pass on resisitance 2 after seeing the e3 showing

Bazookajoe_833749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

And i will be getting all the games you mentioned except banjoo3. I will also get socom, disgea3, motorstorm 2, resistance 2, little big planet, infinite undiscovery, lord of the rings conquest, dead space, sacred 2, far cry 2 and endwar.

Why dont you take youre bubble and go trash somewhere alse, just because youre a fanboy whose only purpose is to thrastalk the other console doesnt mean everybody is it.

Grow the fukc up, are you 12 or something?!

GiantEnemyCrab3749d ago

Looks excellent! I can't wait to play as part of the Zombie horde and eat me some brains!!!

Bazookajoe_833749d ago

In that case i would buy it in an instant =)

champ4203749d ago

in the PS3 section, I thought it was a xbox exclusive?