The Death of Two Pistols

Pause and Select: "So it’s kind of sad that a game with such scope, such grandeur as Titanfall died such a quick and senseless death. But I think now, we might at least have an idea why.

It was shot in the face by a Smart Pistol wielded by a trigger happy no scoper."

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WilDRangeRfc1391d ago

Lack of content and singleplayer killed the game,shame still the most fun I have had this gen on either my X1 or PS4,cant wait for number two which I will purchase on Playstation this time round,more content and more players,better FPS and Resolution win win

Kingoftherodeo1390d ago

we won't have the xbox dedicated servers, ea servers this time its a shame

Rimeskeem1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

With the way MCC is going I'm not 100% sure if that is a bad thing

Kingthrash3601390d ago

I never get the server argument. At the end of the day all servers have their issues. They all have ups and downs...what servers aren't however is a game/system seller. It's a perk and for the elitist a great perk....but elitists will still who own both consoles most likely will pick the ps4 version...because it most likely will be the better console version...and most likely have a larger number of people at any givin time playing. I doubt servers will sway them no matter if it's better or worse.'sides it's a dead argument on 3rd party games made by's irrelevant to talk servers.

Kingoftherodeo1390d ago

lol yea your pilot game is weak if you think smart pistol is best pilot weapon. carbine all the way smart pistol cant outrange a carbine. you can clearly see when someone is trying to use a smart pistol 1. he's either chasing you to get in range ,2 he's not shooting at your and the final one he's jumping around like a damn idiot.
simple arc grenades takes care of them or if you got decent skill satchel charges.

theres a combination of what hurt titanfall. halo,destiny and cod came out months after it taking the fps numbers away from them. lots of cod players expected it to play like cod hold a building down get a kill streak win game. titanfall has the lowest amount of camping cant camp in a roof everyone can see you ,every room has way too many ways to get in. kill streak if your titan isn't enough of a kill streak perhaps it was time to put down the controller.

I've yet to be owned by a player with a smart pistol

Godmars2901390d ago

Wasn't lack of scope and grandeur, failure to live up to hype, Titanfall's main issue?

Crimzon1390d ago

I think being Xbox exclusive was the main issue. The game was obviously great and truly revolutionary (just look at the huge impact it's had on other games as proof of this) but not being on PlayStation left a huge chunk of gamers never getting to experience the game and writing it off because of that, regardless of how great it actually was. I played the game on PC and as far as I'm concerned the hype was warranted, it's easily one of the very few truly "next gen" games around. I'm expecting the sequel to be huge now that it's going to be multiplatform.

KwietStorm1390d ago

Huge impact on other games is a bit of a stretch. And by bit of a stretch I mean what are you talking about?

Godmars2901390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

What other games? Ones that were likely already being developed? Parkour in FPS? CCG elements is something other than a CCG? I really miss the point of overly praising something which took from other genres and similar games, then fails to live up to its own goals.

The game might have proved itself to be a decent multiplayer platform, but that's it.

Crimzon1390d ago

Have either of you actually played Titanfall? I just ask because if you have, it should be glaringly obvious.

I mean look at Batman for example, and how that had a similarly huge impact with it's melee combat systems being replicated in games ranging from Shadows of Mordor to Uncharted. You're seeing the same thing happen now with games such as COD and Halo cribbing movement systems from Titanfall as well. Look at the original Modern Warfare too, and how so many games began copying the RPG-lite mechanics etc.

I don't see how anyone could honestly deny that Titanfall has had a similarly big impact on the gaming landscape, especially if they've actually you know, played the game. Titanfall has heavily influenced the FPS genre, you can try to downplay it if you want but when franchises like COD & Halo are taking their cues from it, you don't have much of an argument to fall back on I'm afraid.

Godmars2901390d ago

You honestly think Titianfall influenced the combat in the Batman Arkham and Uncharted series when those series existed *before* Titanfall? Batman Arkham has influenced combat in Mordor and Assassin's Creed if anything did.

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PistolsAtDawn1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Anyone calling Titanfall a fail makes me question their opinion as a gamer.

Titanfall was an amazing game, and TF2 will be a day one purchase for me for sure...I just hope the X1 version doesn't get gimped with EA servers because of going cross-platform, I still intend to get it on X1 since it's an online game.

It's hard to take a review of an X1/PC game serious from a site called "pauseandselect"

OmegaShen1390d ago

Brought Titanfall for $12 bucks on Xbox One, still say its a fail.

Dumb AI bots, an weak number of weapons and a gun that was made for noobs.

spicelicka1390d ago

Yea seriously it's an amazing game, the best new multiplayer experience this generation. Just because you don't read articles about it everyday doesn't mean it's a fail.

I think they just screwed up by not making a campaign for it, and releasing it so early. All the game needs to do it just be bigger in scope. Really if you look back, every single game for PS4 and XB1 that was released in the first 8 months has been forgotten. Titanfall 2 is going to show what it's all about, hopefully with a campaign.

jyang1390d ago

That's fair.

Though I'm not sure what the name of a site has anything to do with it; it's just a name we chose because everything else was taken, lol.

StrayaKNT1390d ago

Lmao any real gamer knows Titanfall is still the best mp game this generation and probably the most fun game of this generation. All those who call it fail either haven't played it or are just horrible players. Titanfall is still going strong till today on the x1 and Titanfall 2 will be another day one purchase for my xbox one.

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