Treyarch's Mark Lamia: “Black Ops 3 is the Most Complete, Deepest, Richest Call of Duty Ever Made”

"It was a real treat to be able to sit down for a roundtable interview with Studio Head Mark Lamia, Campaign Director Jason Blundell, and Game Director Dan Bunting.

In the final moments of the interview, I asked Mark to tell us in his own words why people should care about this Call of Duty in spite of the yearly iterations and accusations of each one being the same." - PSLS

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DarkOcelet1391d ago

You say that every damn year. Give it a rest already lol.

masterfox1391d ago

but..bu..but. they sound so confident :D

4Sh0w1391d ago

Yeah, they do say that every year. I'm one of the few who doesn't bash COD for being COD every year. I generally enjoy COD games but their PR is the one thing I always laugh at....reminds me of EA's Madden PR, game barely changes because I mean its a football game but you'd think EA just invented a new sport the way the swear this years Madden is the greatest thing since the invention of the computer. lol, then it turns out, its just another madden with a few tweaks, new roster changes.

Naga1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

PR: Where you over-promise and under-deliver, but justify everything by pointing out that you delivered more than you did last time...

breakpad1391d ago

its a just the same mediocre game for 10 years now ...for once boycott this damn fps

Army_of_Darkness1390d ago

Most complete eh?? So a longer campaign and more maps for multiplayer included, without the need to purchase a season pass?

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3-4-51391d ago

* Not happening this year...

Just.......NO....not this time.

* Not with Halo 5 & SW:Battlefront out there.

Naga1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

What? Nothing about how deep, rich, or complete Black Ops 3 is (or isn't) has anything to do with Halo 5 or SW: Battlefront.

T2X1391d ago

LOL! They do say that every year. But, I guess what else will they say? "This year's Call of Duty will be pretty good, but not nearly as good as next years!" Which is probably what they should say. LOL!

Magicite1391d ago

and they earn tons of millions of dollars every year, so why not?

DarkOcelet1391d ago

Maybe they should actually back it up next time they say that..

MysticStrummer1391d ago

@Ocelot - There doesn't seem to be a need to back it up. Even though CoD sales have been declining for the last few installments it still sells very well compared to other titles. It's a casual shooter juggernaut.

Testfire1390d ago

@DarkOcelot, yup, we've heard that every single year. They seriously need a new PR script.

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Master-H1391d ago

"To the multiplayer, which is the best feeling game I have ever felt. It feels so good. The maps are the best constructed Call of Duty maps I have ever played, and the Specialists add a completely new layer and depth to the Call of Duty multiplayer formula that hasn’t ever been experienced by anybody."

Really bruh? i get that you're trying to sell your game but...

DarkOcelet1391d ago

It will be the same COD that we are used to every year. Just with wallrunning and more tech apparently.

BiggerBoss1391d ago

Haha i agree, with the way hes gushing he should have just said "Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will be the best game that has ever existed ever."

Barricade1391d ago

Actually I visit this site frequently and he isn't that much of a fan of the series, which is why I'm really interested in this title.

And come on, he says it's the best feeling game, which could be true. COD has always been a great responding game in my eyes (I don't know about the last ones, since the last one I bought was Black Ops I).

I actually think I'll buy this game just for the co-op single player and zombies. If the multiplayer really is that good, this will be a fun game to invest a lot of playtime into.

DxTrixterz1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

“Black Ops 3 is the Most Complete, Deepest, Richest Call of Duty Ever Made“.

“Cough,Cough“ 4 DLC packs. No game is EVER COMPLETE if it doesn't have all content in it. As long as the games have DLC it will never be "COMPLETE".

nucky641391d ago

yea. and BO2 launched with ONE zombie map and he called that a "deep and complete" game....LOL

22CobraKing1391d ago

COD Ghost-"the most innovated cod up to date"

Relientk771391d ago

I remember when someone at Infinity Ward said that about Ghosts.

Sadly Infinity Ward is not what they used to be

atleast its Treyarch

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