Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Hands-On Preview – Revolutionizing the Brand (PSLS)

"Before I jump into talking about the game, I think it’s vital to talk about the creators. Treyarch is a team of incredibly passionate people, and the opportunity to hear about Black Ops III directly from the team behind it was an awesome experience. Treyarch released Black Ops II in 2012 and have been hard at work on Black Ops III in the two and a half years since. It’s important to remember that this year’s Call of Duty is not a yearly iteration evolving off of 2014’s release of Advanced Warfare. It’s a game that’s been being lovingly incubated by the team at Treyarch as the deepest and richest Call of Duty game we’ve ever seen, and from my time at the studio, it’s obvious that they plan to deliver on that promise." - PSLS

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Is this as big a leap as it seems?