Black Ops 3 Pre-Order & Beta Page Live Now

It's finally here! The rumours have now officially been confirmed that there's going to be a beta for this game before release. You can now go to the pre-order and beta page for Black Ops 3, just click right here.

This page allows you to pre-order the game for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC from a list of retailers. The site states that the launch date isn't yet known. You can also redeem beta access codes although we still don't know when that's gonna go live either.

But the page is there! We're not far away, that's for sure.

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DillyDilly1392d ago

Will the Beta come with Digital Pre Orders when those are available ?

Skate-AK1392d ago

Don't see why not. If they didn't, you could just pre order the game on Amazon, get the code and then cancel the order.

Skate-AK1392d ago

I see it says for PS4,Xbone and PC. I think they just mean for the beta and the game is still cross platform. Before people get their hopes up.

Palitera1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

With the amount of lies they spit and players drink every year, I wouldn't be surprised if they were playing a deceiving card on this matter.

Anyway, new gen only or not, it will be another uninspired low quality rehash. All the good minds of COD moved away when IW imploded and nothing good will ever come from the cash cow again. No wonder it gets worse and worse every year since MW2.