E3: PSP key to owning living room, says Sony

Sony Corp. this week said that the PSP handheld is crucial in the company's strategy of household media adoption.

Sony this week touted a new Playstation Network video download service for the Playstation 3 in which movie and TV content can be transferred to the PSP.

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medicshelley3840d ago

But why is it explain your self.

sajj3163840d ago

From the article ...

"Sony this week touted a new Playstation Network video download service for the Playstation 3 in which movie and TV content can be transferred to the PSP."

Strange ... how is that owning the living room? Maybe owning the bathroom, or bus ride, or other road trips. Isn't PS3 supposed to own the living room or is this a two-hit combo?

DJ3840d ago

The PSP transferability encourages people to download/rent content onto their PS3s rather than driving to the video store.

tkato3840d ago

I Got nothing else to say, I started hating Sony's press, so much bullshit.

deeznuts3840d ago

I have PSP and PS3, but it wasn't the key to owning anything.

However, the blu-ray definitely helped.

kingme713840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I'm less for this one thing to do it all type of system. I say focus on what you do well and in the case of the PS3 it does 2 things really well: gaming and blu-ray. When you try to be the swiss army knife, you wind up with a rather useless pair of scissors, an ok bottle opener, a toothpick that you only use once, that damn tool you don't even recognize that keeps cutting your hand and pretty damn good knife.

titntin3840d ago


Its a brilliant Media Sharing System already and I already use it to acess everything on my entire network of machines. 2.5 terrabytes of movies Mp3's , photos etc, are already on tap for me, and accessing them through PS3 is as easy as launching a game. Having a video channel would be no differnet at all and I'm all for it except I don't use digital downloaded video. But I can see how it fits their stratagey beutifully - it already does all this functionality on the machine, the only thing being changed is allowing you to purchase content from their online servers instead of only accessing it on your own servers.

AlienGorilla3840d ago

I don't know if i agree with you a hundred percent, but that was a damn good analogy. Funny....bubbles for you.

titntin3840d ago

Theres nothing suprising here - whats to hate?

The fact that they've launched a video service thats in competition with MS is big news this week.

If you are looking to differntiate your product from a competing one, being able to share your media with a hand held device is a pretty strong extra feature. Its not one that appeals to me personally, but given the enourmous popularity of mp4 players and their ilk, its obviously a big market and sony see that this can only help with their push in this buisness.

I'd have to say, from the reaction to their service that I saw on various blogs and live reports, the sharing of movie downloads on psp is a very cool feature that will be very welcome by many people.

Whats not to like? why would they not point out this important differentiator? You can't possibly argue that portable video is not a big deal - the buisness is huge...

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