Petition: French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish voice overs for Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has been in development since nine years and fans of the video game saga want it to be the ultimate gaming experience.

This is why fans around the globe started a petition to add more voice overs to Final Fantasy XV than Japanese and English.

French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish build a bigger part of the spoken languages in global sale territories and are already supported by publishers like Ubisoft or EA with professional voice overs. Even Square Enix has provided full localizations for games such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Tomb Raider for the mentioned territories.

Surely there are true fans of Japanese anime and gaming, who prefer to stick to the original Japanese voice track, but on the ther hand this petition helps players, who enjoy good stories told in their mother tongue just like a movie blockbuster.

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Yi-Long1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

I'm all for choice and options, but ONLY if it doesn't take away the original Japanese voices.

Also, adding all those languages would probably mean they would postpone the release of this game for at least 6 months orso in Europe.

DarkOcelet1391d ago

Exactly, i want the Japanese voice in every version. The English VA is good but the Japanese VA is excellent.

DrMack1391d ago

I dont want to erase the Japanese voice track, but the other languagees would just be an option

DrMack1391d ago

I believe the game is still about a year away from release and since main development is being handled in Japan and localization for e.g. Europe in London and the local PR HGs, I think it would not impact the core development that much.

Lucreto1391d ago

Once it doesn't delay the release.

OrangePowerz1391d ago

When was it confirmed that it won't have voice overs in those languages?

NoctisPendragon1391d ago

You never have them in FF but Tabata did talk about wanting to make an "Universal FF XV" or something like that.

DrMack1390d ago

You are correct that Square Enix has not denied it, but if Square Enix is or was considering it - showing our demand is not wrong.

NoctisPendragon1391d ago

All as DLC so , the game will barbely fit 1 Blue-Ray disc they said.

DrMack1390d ago

Well, I think the idea Japanese audio track + voice track in local country + subtitles would be best. Afaik two audio tracks could fit as Tabata said.

Games like Fable 2 offered an English audio track for the German version as a DLC afterwards, since it didn't fit on the disc. FFXV could allow this, too of course

Redempteur1391d ago

Lol and the game would be 6 months to 1 year late in europe ? No thanks

DrMack1390d ago

It doesn't need to delay the launch, which is possibly still a year ahead. The core development team and localization team work beside each other

Baka-akaB1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

The logistic involved still means that it would ultimately . Hell it has for most other major mmos .

Still while i dont care to get anything but the japanese voices and subtitles , i can understand the demand . There are no reasons other countries should suffer dubious english dubs when it's not even their language , and when their money is worth the same (if not more with increased costs usually)

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The story is too old to be commented.