Wipeout HD On Track

Excerpt from TheSixthAxis: "...Sony has been quiet on Wipeout HD for some time now, and the game's absence from E3 has set tongues wagging about just what has happened to the game. Well, panic not, the game hasn't been cancelled, it's just that there's no specific launch window for the game yet..."

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Fishy Fingers3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Noticed a few guys mentioning Wipeout over the last few days, primarily the lack of it shown at E3. While it's unfortunate that no release date is given at least this confirms the project is still a go.

Cheers nofilter.

thor3747d ago

There was a hands on preview just before E3. Don't worry, guys, it's doubtful it will be canned, it's had some very positive previews and they've said it's nearly complete. Shame it had to be delayed, though, it said Q2 2008 before.

Vitalogy3747d ago

This type of "information" already stinks... the game was to be release early 2008, then spring, then june, then UNKNOWN!!!!!

Sony is messing with people patience. I'm pointing to christmas holidays for this launch, you can bet on it.

A game like this on the shelters of sony, shame on them.

Salta_nelas3747d ago

Sad reallym been waiting gor this over many months...release date keeps getting delayed and delayed. What the heck is happening? It must be due to throphy integration? Still hope it comes out until the end of August.

slave2Dcontroller3747d ago

due to Fatal Inertia being released on PSN. I guess they wanted to give it a chance to sale 10 or 11(jk) copies before WO;HD is released. WIth them both being on the market at the same time its no secret that WO will wipe its ass with Fatal Inertia in terms of Game Quality and Game purchases.