Viera From Final Fantasy XII Were Considered as Final Fantasy XIV's New Race; Male Concept Revealed

Within every MMORPG community, speculation on new races always runs rampant, especially when a game is based on an established IP like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Before the announcement of the Au Ra for the Heavensward expansion, the bunny-like Viera from Final Fantasy XII came up quite often in that kind of discussion, doubtlessly because Fran has always been a favorite among fans.

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G3n3raL861330d ago

Dem Viera legs and high-heels:)

DonkeyDoner1330d ago

wish this race makes appearance in other FF universe

chikane1330d ago

Cant wait to see Fran in HD... What did i say something wrong? we know its coming -_-

Thryhring1330d ago

Oh my

is it hot in here, or is it just bunny guys

PhoenixUp1330d ago

We really need FFXII HD

hkgamer1329d ago

would be amazing if that really happened. dont care too much about graphics but just improving the audio quality would be amazing.

Tapani1330d ago

Come on FFXII HD for PS4 with Matsuno and his team redoing the work, just like with Tactics Ogre remake (one of the best games in the world).

bangoskank1329d ago

This is one of my biggest gaming wishes.

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